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Hump Day Updates: Soooo Big!

This last week was all about the BIG.

Big…ahem…muscles. (See Jimmy Thomas. Does my grin say it ALL?)

Big events like Arizona Dreamin’. Year one amazed and wowed me, all the authors and all the readers, too. This is a reader-centric event. A fangirl gush dream. As a fan, I got to stalk both Erin Kellison and Gini Koch IN PERSON.

Not to mention Erin Quinn and Deena Remiel. Two more faves.

As an author, I got to meet several HOT club members in person. *hugs*

OH, and did I mention hunky Jimmy Thomas was there. He’s even MORE gorgeous in person with the personality to match. A genuinely kind soul that you immediately warm to.

The Indie Book Collective programs and staff are growing fast and hard and I’m pinching myself that I’m an integral part of it.

There’s BIG exciting stuff on deck this summer:

June 29th: “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” by Carolyn McCray, Rachel Thompson and yours truly will be up for Bestseller For a Day. Truly, this ebook will help any author. Not just Indie.

July 18th-22nd: I’ll join 14 authors in the Blog Tour de Force Menage a Blog where for 5 days, 3 authors per day will woo you with prizes, free ebooks and a chance to win a KINDLE! My coming release “Soul Search” will be up for grabs. We’re talking BIG fun.

July 28th-31st I’ll join Indie Book Co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson in New York City for the Indie Book Event where we’ll speak on two industry panels. BIG history in the making.

My weekly co-hosting gigs on Blog Talk Radio are proving to be BIG fun.

If you’re like me, summer is for reading. Right? Right! I started my summer off with “Shadow Touch” by Erin Kellison. Right now it’s only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle and I have to say, yes, I stalk her, but this one BLEW me away BIG time.  Grab it while its hot and let me know what you think. I’m dying to chat about it.

Happy Summer!

:}Amber Scott


Get Loaded…On Love, Baby!

Welcome to stop #8 in the Blog Tour de Force! Stop #7 was Keta Diablo and Stop#9 will be Rachel Thompson.

But FIRST…Before we get to the Druid magic or Highlander heat


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  • ***the COMMENT link is by the post date, in the left corner***

Over New Year’s weekend, I finished Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo and the story has stayed with me. The honesty and care she gave her setting and characters made them come to life for me. I got chills when I learned what the title truly means and it is so good that I can’t bear to give it away. I urge you to read and learn it for yourself. I’m a sucker for loves that are placed against impossible odds. I love thinking, these two will never make it and then being proved wrong. Keta did that for me.

I love a good historical but I’ve always been particular to Scottish Highlanders! Yum much? So, when my muse whispered in my ear about northern Ireland being essentially Scottish highlands in the medieval age, plus noted how women had near equal rights…well, IRISH MOON was born. I love the Druid magic, I love the heat between Breanne and Ashlon. I can still feel that moment in the cave when the sliver of sunlight lights his face and Ashlon reaches for–OOPS! I almost gave it away!

Speaking of spilling beans, Rachel Thompson’s The Best of RachelintheOC: A Walk In the Snark, made me spill my coffee! I laughed that hard. Then she took me to a place so personal and tender that I feel close to her. I don’t have words to describe how poignant I found her collection of posts and again, don’t want to spoil the good stuff.  I’m an instant fan. If not for this tour, I might have found her late and would be really miffed!

I know what you’re thinking now. Bring on the prizes!!!! Right? Okay! COMMENT away and I’ll start sending your Ebooks TODAY!!

Don’t forget that every relevant comment you leave today, here or at I Smell Sheep earns you 15 more chances to win the Kindle!

Magic Mood Kit:

  • Slumber Bubbles pheromone enhanced bath/shower gel.
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Don’t miss out on all your other chances to win!  Start at Stop #1 with Carolyn McCray and follow the link trail til 31st for Scavenger Hunt day of fun! Mini hunt #1 and Mini hunt #2 are here, too.

:}Amber Scott

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