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Hump Day Updates: Soooo Big!

This last week was all about the BIG.

Big…ahem…muscles. (See Jimmy Thomas. Does my grin say it ALL?)

Big events like Arizona Dreamin’. Year one amazed and wowed me, all the authors and all the readers, too. This is a reader-centric event. A fangirl gush dream. As a fan, I got to stalk both Erin Kellison and Gini Koch IN PERSON.

Not to mention Erin Quinn and Deena Remiel. Two more faves.

As an author, I got to meet several HOT club members in person. *hugs*

OH, and did I mention hunky Jimmy Thomas was there. He’s even MORE gorgeous in person with the personality to match. A genuinely kind soul that you immediately warm to.

The Indie Book Collective programs and staff are growing fast and hard and I’m pinching myself that I’m an integral part of it.

There’s BIG exciting stuff on deck this summer:

June 29th: “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” by Carolyn McCray, Rachel Thompson and yours truly will be up for Bestseller For a Day. Truly, this ebook will help any author. Not just Indie.

July 18th-22nd: I’ll join 14 authors in the Blog Tour de Force Menage a Blog where for 5 days, 3 authors per day will woo you with prizes, free ebooks and a chance to win a KINDLE! My coming release “Soul Search” will be up for grabs. We’re talking BIG fun.

July 28th-31st I’ll join Indie Book Co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson in New York City for the Indie Book Event where we’ll speak on two industry panels. BIG history in the making.

My weekly co-hosting gigs on Blog Talk Radio are proving to be BIG fun.

If you’re like me, summer is for reading. Right? Right! I started my summer off with “Shadow Touch” by Erin Kellison. Right now it’s only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle and I have to say, yes, I stalk her, but this one BLEW me away BIG time.  Grab it while its hot and let me know what you think. I’m dying to chat about it.

Happy Summer!

:}Amber Scott


Hot Trends and Big Winners!

The final frontier for us authors in the digital age is the ability to give readers something personal. Like a signing. Thanks to being Indie and scoring an iPad plus the brilliant Indie Book Collective having two fingers on the industry’s pulse, I can give my readers a signed ebook.


It’s my new favorite thing to give away now. Today at Immortality and Beyond, a signed copy of Fierce Dawn is up for grabs. Plus anyone who helps Fierce Dawn scale the Amazon Kindle charts now through May 18th, can request one from me, too. AND I have a winner of the one I gave away in the recent Blog Tour de Force Cage Match, too!

Whew! Let’s a catch a breath.

We also have a winner of the Super Secret Spoil Me prize. The contents in it are so awesome that I can’t tell you what’s in it. If the winner wants to, hey, that’s cool. But I’m sworn to secrecy.

But first…a couple announcements.

I’ll be joining eighteen authors in the first bi-annual Arizona Dreaming reader event June 4th in Tempe, AZ. It’s a day of fun and chatting up all your favorite on-the-rise authors. I can’t wait! Limited seats available and tickets are selling fast. Get yours here.

July 30th I’ll join Rachel Thompson and Carolyn McCray to speak on two panels at the Indie Book Event in New York City!

May 18th marks Fierce Dawn‘s Bestseller For a Day and I’m starting to see that 3 times might in fact be a charm. Reviews and reactions over Fierce Dawn are phenomenal. The event itself is getting national attention. How cool that a seed of an idea, thanks to all of you, is growing so fast!

NOW, for the winners….

The Super Secret Prize goes to….Hazel O’Shea!!

The signed ebook, commenter from The Bookish Snob goes to…Toni LoTempio!!

Huge Congrats to both and thank you to all who came to play. Off to sign and send and stuff…happy Thursday all!

:}Amber Scott

I’m Coming Out SWINGING!

Cristyn West thinks she’s going to mop the floor with my hair.

Yep. This April 18th, I face off with the author of Plain Jane in the author Cage Match thrown by IBC’s Blog Tour de Force.

Am I scared? Well, her book certainly scared the toe jam off my feet, but no. (I think I can take her.)

You see, the fight isn’t for best author, or best book, even though Fierce Dawn rocks. It is about who among the ten authors on the week long tour can get the most comments from the most individual commenters. Ten ebooks will be up for grabs to every commenter, too. Plus a chance to win goodie bag/gift basket/giveaways and a brand new KINDLE!

So stay tuned because I’ll need YOU to help me take her down! Are ya with me?!


Want to help now? Hit the ‘LIKE’ button on Fierce Dawn’s Amazon page and/or leave a review! (click here)

Cuz my readers are the HOTTEST out there!!

:}Amber Scott (Can Cristyn smell what the HOT is cookin’? I know, I know. I couldn’t resist!!)

Bragging Rights!!!

I’m still recovering from the whirlwind that was Blog Tour de Force’s Get Loaded tour. We came, we read, we partied like book stars. I had an amazing time, thanks to readers and my uber cool sponsors.

And now, for the big WINNER announcement!

The Magic Mood kit goes to……Estella!!!!!! (aaahhhh, rooooaaar, whooooo!)

AND, two of my very own sponsors were voted as the best of the best on tour!!

They tied for 1st place with Indie Book Collective, of which I’m a very proud member. That puts me in two off the charts cool collectives. Sweet.

I’d sit back and enjoy a bottle or three of wine over such fun and success, but I CAN”T! Play Fling is up for Bestseller For a Day and I have some major hustling to do to get word out.

You know that nightmare where you show up naked in public and fart really loud? Yeah. This kind of feels like that. I figure if I’m going to be flashing the world, why not do it in style, though. So, I’ll be posting snippets of the process here, on Twitter and on Facebook’s new Bestseller For A Day page.

Don’t worry, I don’t mind if you stare.

Happy weekend, all!

:}Amber Scott

Gator Battle, Baby. Yeah!

Gini Koch gave me a “Worth Your Weight in a ‘Gater Battle Award!” AW!

Is this because I ADORE her Alien series, latest release Alien Tango (go by NOW!) or because I stalk her? Regardless, I’ll take it!!!

How sweet! And because of that, I get to nominate 5 bloggers who I think are also worth their weight….

They are:

Why these? Because the recent Blog Tour de Force Get Loaded Tour wouldn’t have been such a success without them!

:}Amber Scott

PS: My Blog Tour de Force Magic Mood kit winner will be announced tomorrow!


Stop #6: 200 Comment Challenge

So far, Carolyn McCray holds the comment crown for the Blog Tour de Force Get Loaded tour. She hit 107 her first day and most of those were individual, not repeat commenters.

Ann Charles, my author bff, is today’s stop and her Daphne winning book Nearly Departed in Deadwood could be ours for free IF she can get to 200 individual comments. Whoa. 200?! Actually, I think we can do that.

Yeah, I’ve already read Nearly Departed in Deadwood. No, I wasn’t surprised she won the Daphne because the book is that good. I’d love it even if I didn’t love her. It just conveniently worked out that way.

So, do you like being in the know before the rest of the world? Like to lord it over others how you knew them before they were big? This is one of those opportunities. Go leave a comment. Go tell your friends to, too. And mark my words. See if she isn’t a household name very soon.

Seriously! Go NOW!!! Just click here!

:}Amber Scott


A Huge Hit Already!

The e-reader was the hottest gift this Christmas. Did you score one? Awesome! Want 12+ FREE books for it? Excellent. Just click here now and you’ll be able to follow the Blog Tour de Force trail and get instant reads, entry into lots of goodies and even a chance to score a Kindle! (You know, to give to your favorite person in your life.)

Did Santa skip you? Nooooo! Well, fear not!! Follow the Blog Tour de Force trail through the 31st, comment, play the scavenger hunt and get tons of freebies along the way to your chance at a Kindle loaded with over 12 books from award winning authors and rising stars of publishing.

30, count ’em, 30 book reviewers are sponsoring this tour by sharing what they think of us Indie authors. Do we have the chops to be out here on our own? Come and see for yourself!

Start HERE and follow along every day!

Sign up for the newsletter to get daily reminders, hints and extras. Just click here NOW!

It’s already a HUGE hit, so get in on the fun NOW of this phenomenal tour. Spread the word for extra entries, too!

:}Amber Scott