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Scene Song Saturday–Nice Flirt

I’m always looking for new tunes that get my heart pounding and push me deeper into my characters’ emotional end. I fell in love with this song from first play.

“She Said” by Plan B. I find it so flirty and with “Soul Search” set in 1930, it gives me a full visual of a smoke-filled speakeasy and the pull between Grant and Leigh growing too strong to resist any longer.

The video itself is a ton of fun, too. I’ll be shimmying my hips and humming this song all month long.

What’s your favorite new tune this week?

:}Amber Scott


Blog Tour de Troops: Free ebooks for you & a troop!!


Welcome to STOP 1 in the Indie Book Collective’s Blog Tour de Troops, (ALL WEEKEND LONG) where authors give back to the men and women who safeguard our freedom. What is being indie if not being free, right?

To celebrate, read, comment and instantly win a FREE ebook–“Play Fling,” then click onward along the daisy chain of over 35 authors each giving an ebook to every commenter. Next stop–Stacy Wallace Benefiel and ANOTHER free ebook!

Oh, and did I mention a troop gets one, too?

Yep, each commenter gets an ebook for them AND one for a troop!
Today, Kelli McCracken joins me and we are talking gratitude and indie and rock n roll…

A: Kelli, what does gratitude mean to you this Memorial Day?

K: Well, Amber, gratitude means many things to me this Memorial Day. I’m grateful that I have met all the wonderful members of the Indie Book Collective. They have made the last six months as an indie author less confusing and frightening; I’m grateful for the support I have received. More importantly, I’m grateful for a country in which I have the freedom to express my creativity. That I have the right to write whatever comes to my mind. That would not be possible without the men and women of the military, who risk their lives everyday to give me these liberties and more. I’m grateful I’m an American.

K: What about you, Amber? What does gratitude mean to you this Memorial Day?

A: It means a lot of the same to me. I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors who struggled and fought to bring a better life to their children. My uncles fought in world wars. My grandparents settled wild lands. I get to live a better life every day thanks to their sacrifices and hard work. As a woman, I get to dress as I please, speak as I please, even write as I please all because I was born American. I sleep safe at night thanks to those braver than me who live by a call to duty.

A: And what does being Indie mean to you, Kelli?

K: Being Indie means the world to me. I see it as a blessing. I have an opportunity to share my stories with people. It means I have a chance to get know my fans on a more personal level. I can get my work to them without the delays of traditional publishing.
I get to meet amazing people on my journey. I’ve developed friendships with other writers who I don’t think I would have met had I stuck with the persuit of traditional publishing.
Being indie also makes me appreciate my freedom. I have no restraints holding me back; no one to tell me I’m not good enough. I have people encouraging me to keep going when I feel like quiting. I can pay it forward to others who share my stuggles and give them the encouragement they need to write another day.
Being indie means being true to my characters; to my story; to my heart.
K: What does being indie mean to you, Amber?

A: It means when, where, and how my stories are shared is up to me. Not subject to someone else’s timeline, or deadline, or opinion on its sales potential. I get to be 100% a part of the sales and fan equation.
It means getting to connect with readers and peers and share all that I’ve learned. It means grabbing a trend by the neck hairs and climbing on for each ride today, not tomorrow.
A: Can you tell us about your coming Indie release, Kelli?
K: Thank you, I’d love to! “What the Heart Wants” is a paranormal romance that takes place in Los Angeles, California. Heaven Lewis is invited to LA by her childhood best friend. Once there,  Heaven learns exactly why her BFF invited her and her life changes in ways she never expected. She meets Mr. Tall, dark, and yummy, Dylan McBride.
Dylan is the mysterious lead singer for the rock band, Sliders. When Dylan sees Heaven for the first time, he is blown away, mainly because he has been dreaming about her for the last six months. He is drawn to her by an unexplainable connection. This connection is so powerful that Dylan can sense Heaven’s emotions. He knows there is a reason why he dreamed of her and why they’re connected, but he doesn’t know how to find the answers. Dylan wants to tell Heaven about their connection, but fears any explanation would sound neurotic. He can’t afford to lose her after months of searching for her.
As Dylan pursues Heaven’s heart, they not only have to fight off insecurities, but nosy paparazzi, jealous friends, meddling family, and a deranged associate. If that isn’t enough, a misunderstanding leads to a horrific event that threatens to tear apart the budding relationship. “What the Heart Wants” is the first book in my Soulmate Series.
K: How about you, Amber? Fierce Dawn was so amazing, I can’t wait to get my hands on your next book. What indie project do you have in the works?
A: Yummy is right! This sounds like a great debut! A romance we can sink our teeth into. What is it about putting a guy in a band that ups his hot quotient SO much? I love the turmoil of fame you referenced and can’t wait to see how these two deal with it.
I’m so glad you enjoyed “Fierce Dawn.”
My next release is “Soul Search.” Set in early 1930’s, Thomas Grayson blames himself for his nephew’s disappearance and will do whatever it takes to find him, including embracing the wolf soul residing inside him. When a witness to his nephew’s disappearance surfaces, Thomas harbors serious doubts which only increase when Leigh Chaney’s secret is exposed. All her life, she has been in contact with the other side and what she learns there will test every belief Cash holds dear.
Then I have three sequels on deck, one of which follows, “Play Fling,” in the Stupid Cupid series. SPEAKING OF, every commenter today scores an ebook of “Play Fling.” I figure our troops could use a good laugh and Millie’s antics are always great for that as she stumbles through her matchmaking life sentence. But don’t believe me, just ask I Smell Sheep! Their review of “Play Fling” is HERE.
Since your book has a rock star hero, and the troops are our heroes, how about if everyone comments what their favorite all American rock song is? (Don’t forget to include your email address!)
A: Mine has GOT to be “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers! How about you, Kelli?
K: My favorite all American rock song is “Miss America” by Saving Abel. The song gives me chills every time I hear it.
Okay, readers! All you have to do to get your instant free ebook, “Play Fling,” is comment what your fave all American song is and include your email. You’ll also be entered to win a brand, new KINDLE for you. Plus the Indie Book Collective, our tour host, will give multiple KINDLES to the troops!

Bestseller For a Day–Results!!

“Fierce Dawn” started the day ranking #5123 with 58 sales month to date.

27 guest posts, even more sponsors blogging about the event, friends, family, and peers rallying together with the Indie Book Collective, we earned 120 sales.

Those 120 sales moved “Fierce Dawn,” leap by leap to peak at #725 overall ranking. Fierce Dawn hit three bestselling lists on Amazon: #20 on Books>Romance>Vampires; #30 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Action & Adventure;
#38 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Action & Adventure

WOWEE cool!

Now, when those 120 buyers read “Fierce Dawn,” then tell a friend….HINT HINT! (Pssst: Amazon hasn’t taken the promotion down yet, so grab it before the price goes back up!)

With so many posts, reviews, tweets, comments and amazing support, I’m sure I missed a few stops. Here is a list of those that went that extra mile for “Fierce Dawn.” Please take a minute to show some love and comment and ‘like’ their site!

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Jaidis at Juniper Grove–review, guest post

Laura Ashlee –review, guest post

MANY more coming in a minute….For now, PLEASE go show the love and comment!

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday–Fierce Dawn

“X-men action meets True Blood heat!” -Ann Charles, Nearly Departed in Deadwood

One of my favorite scenes to write and get inside of in “Fierce Dawn,” is Sadie witnessing immortals sparring for the first time. Then when she gets her shot at practice. Bjork’s “Army of Me” captures the slamming beat of Sadie’s heart and the first threads of determination she holds onto as she attempts to take her human kick-boxing moves to a whole new level.

May 18th and the big Bestseller For a Day event is almost here! Score “Fierce Dawn” for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle to help drive it into the top 100!

Grab your FREE Amazon Kindle app for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Andriod and more HERE.

What song screams fight scene to you?

:}Amber Scott

Last Day For Free, plus Baaaa!

I didn’t win the Cage Match but came really close! I’m not a bit disgruntled, though, because the two in the ring are worthy of it, for sure.

Today, Ann Charles and Kimberly Kinrade are duking it out for the Blog Tour de Force Cage Match title! Go over and see the smack talk here: then vote by email.

AND, head over and show some comment love to Fierce Dawn’s latest review: 5 Sheep!  “Surpassed all expectations!”

Missed the other rave reviews? Love on them with some comments: Release Notes A Tale of Many Reviews, ParaYourNormal, The Bookish Snob, AO Bliblopsphere, Thrillers Rock T, Coffee Mugged

Get Fanged is a very cool new site I’m in love with. To help them grow, I’m holding a contest: I’m giving a signed ebook of Fierce Dawn away to one lucky winner! All you have to do is friend me there by May 10th to be entered!

:}Amber Scott

Lots of winged love going on. Want to get addicted, too? Then be sure you commented on my Cage Match post (scroll down) and Fierce Dawn ebook is alllllll yours!

Did Katy Perry Read Alien Tango by Gini Koch?

If you’ve read Alien in the Family, Alien Tango or the genius book that started it all, Touched By an Alien by Gini Koch, you know exactly what I mean.

Listen to the lyrics! Tell me she isn’t singing about Martini! Or Christopher. Yes, many of her lyrics DO point to Elijah from Fierce Dawn (by me), except Elijah is NOT an alien. He’s a seeker. (gorgeous, magnetic, those wings….)

Wait a minute….

You haven’t read any of these? Seriously? Whoa. Okay. When you do, you’ll see what I mean and it will take the song to a whole new level.

Me? I’m savoring Alien the Family today. Taking it slooooow. Which is a challenge because Gini Koch’s books read like summer blockbuster movies. But I know I have a few months to wait for book four, Alien Proliferation, so I’m savoring.

Grab your copy here!

Or, Grab Fierce Dawn here!

Then come back and sing along!!

:}Amber Scott

First SIGNED Ebook–Did it work? Did it work?

I’ve tested two signed ebooks!

One, with just my signature. The Epub version that Nook and iPad lovers need had a permissions issue on first run. Of course that was with a Nook, so any iPad owners willing to test this by sending a signed copy to their iTunes so they can then get it on iBooks, let me know and I’ll send away.

For mobi, Ann Charles confirmed her copy worked and looked great. Now, we are waiting for test run #2 results for Mobi. Holly, a reader who shouted out how much she enjoyed Fierce Dawn on Twitter, who also adores Gini Koch (I stalk her) books, is my first personalized signed ebook recipient.

IF Holly’s version works, what does this mean?

Together, we’re making a little bit of history. I think an author can sign an ebook on Sony e-readers live and in person. But other e-readers? Not yet.

It also means that I now have a REALLY cool way to thank Fierce Dawn’s coming Bestseller For a Day supporters! That’s right. Every fan who purchases an Amazon Kindle copy of Fierce Dawn through May 18th, gets a personalized signed ebook of it. Just email me at for the details.

FABULOUS!!!! (my favorite word.)

So, wanna know how I did it? Huh? Huh? It was actually pretty easy. 🙂

But first, let’s wait to hear from Holly. She agreed to come by and let us know-did it work? Did it work?

:}Amber Scott