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Indie Book Collective

“What’s in it for me?” No! “What’s in it for you is what is in it for me!”

I’m a huge believer in paying it forward which is why I love being a member and co-founder of the Indie Book Collective. Being an Independent author used to be a scary lonely venture. Not anymore. Thanks to authors like Rachel Thompson and Carolyn McCray, Indie authors have a voice, a forum, a place to teach and to reach readers.

Bestseller For A Day focuses on boosting an author’s career through a concerted promotion and teaching the sales side of the publishing industry, the side authors used to be kept away from.

Blog Tour de Force focuses on reaching readers through cross promotion and lively fun with tons of prizes and free reads.

Blog Tour de Troops pays it forward to the men and women who are protecting our freedom with their lives. We could never think of being Indie without that protection so twice a year, we get books and care packages into our troops hands, for free!

Book Review Sponsor Roster. The most amazing part of being in the Indie Book Collective has been the support of book reviewers. I’m a firm believer that reviewers will drive the industry into fresh, vital new direction.

And the best part is, you don’t have to be Indie to get in on all the knowledge and fun. All authors are welcome!


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