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Bestseller For a Day–Results!!

“Fierce Dawn” started the day ranking #5123 with 58 sales month to date.

27 guest posts, even more sponsors blogging about the event, friends, family, and peers rallying together with the Indie Book Collective, we earned 120 sales.

Those 120 sales moved “Fierce Dawn,” leap by leap to peak at #725 overall ranking. Fierce Dawn hit three bestselling lists on Amazon: #20 on Books>Romance>Vampires; #30 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Action & Adventure;
#38 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Action & Adventure

WOWEE cool!

Now, when those 120 buyers read “Fierce Dawn,” then tell a friend….HINT HINT! (Pssst: Amazon hasn’t taken the promotion down yet, so grab it before the price goes back up!)

With so many posts, reviews, tweets, comments and amazing support, I’m sure I missed a few stops. Here is a list of those that went that extra mile for “Fierce Dawn.” Please take a minute to show some love and comment and ‘like’ their site!

AoBibliophile–Ben Interviews Sadie and Elijah, review

A Tale of Many Reviews–vlog on 7 Amber Scott secrets, review

My Eclectic Bookshelf–Author Extravaganza vlog interview, happy birthday to Miranda!

I Smell Sheep–Interview, spa stuff give away, review

The Bookish Snob–review, extra scene an extra

Author Elena Gray–gave 3 copies away

Satin Sue–highlight

Quills and Zebras–review, guest post

Mark of the Stars–review
Booksie’s Blog–review

Cynthia Watson-review, guest post

Books R Us–review, guest post


Kelli McCracken–review, interview

Release Notes–review, guest post

Book Savvy Babe–review, guest post

Indigo Skye–review, guest post

Paranormal Opinion–gave 3 copies away

Caroline Clemmons–interview

Toni Rakestraw Unbridled Editor–review, guest post

Jaidis at Juniper Grove–review, guest post

Laura Ashlee –review, guest post

MANY more coming in a minute….For now, PLEASE go show the love and comment!

:}Amber Scott


Holy, Mama, Today is THE Day!

Fierce Dawn’s Bestseller For a Day is Heeeeeerrrreeee!

I’ll be on Facebook, on Twitter, and here in comments, reporting on the numbers and saying hi to the 40 plus book reviewers who loved Fierce Dawn enough to show support of it’s big day.

The flood of supporters has me spinning, grinning and dancing with glee. From long time ones like My Eclectic Bookshelf, A Tale of Many Reviews and I Smell Sheep to newer ones like Coffee Mugged, Ao Bibliophile and The Bookish Snob.

I wish I could list them all but I fear I’d overwhelm ya! So instead, sneak over on breaks, watch sofa side and pump your fist right along with me. I can feel it. We really can and will DO this!

New to this whole Bestseller For a Day  gig? Check out the site for all the details and give aways OR grab your 99 cent copy of Fierce Dawn here then follow the instructions to paranormal BLISS!

I’m giving away a KINDLE, signed ebooks plus there are three Bonus Buys!

Squeee! :}Amber Scott

Blog Tour de Troops is Coming!

May 27th-30th, over 25 authors will be giving a free ebook to every commenter PLUS one to a troop per!

We’re giving away multiple KINDLE devices!

We’re rallying readers to pay it forward the men and women who safeguard our freedom.

All in one fun blog hop.

Stay tuned!

Scene Song Saturday–Fierce Dawn

“X-men action meets True Blood heat!” -Ann Charles, Nearly Departed in Deadwood

One of my favorite scenes to write and get inside of in “Fierce Dawn,” is Sadie witnessing immortals sparring for the first time. Then when she gets her shot at practice. Bjork’s “Army of Me” captures the slamming beat of Sadie’s heart and the first threads of determination she holds onto as she attempts to take her human kick-boxing moves to a whole new level.

May 18th and the big Bestseller For a Day event is almost here! Score “Fierce Dawn” for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle to help drive it into the top 100!

Grab your FREE Amazon Kindle app for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Andriod and more HERE.

What song screams fight scene to you?

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday

I love, love, LOVE music when I write and thought it would be fun to share the songs that suck me into certain scenes.

While writing “Fierce Dawn,” Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love” captures the essence of Sadie’s struggle and her fighting spirit. I get a physcial reaction to it and must see Water For Elephants thanks to the song being in the preview. (Okay, yeah. Seeing delicious Rob didn’t hurt.)

Still, it makes me think of Sadie and Elijah in flight and the heat that crackles between them.

Here’s the video:

What songs make your heart pound?

Hot Trends and Big Winners!

The final frontier for us authors in the digital age is the ability to give readers something personal. Like a signing. Thanks to being Indie and scoring an iPad plus the brilliant Indie Book Collective having two fingers on the industry’s pulse, I can give my readers a signed ebook.


It’s my new favorite thing to give away now. Today at Immortality and Beyond, a signed copy of Fierce Dawn is up for grabs. Plus anyone who helps Fierce Dawn scale the Amazon Kindle charts now through May 18th, can request one from me, too. AND I have a winner of the one I gave away in the recent Blog Tour de Force Cage Match, too!

Whew! Let’s a catch a breath.

We also have a winner of the Super Secret Spoil Me prize. The contents in it are so awesome that I can’t tell you what’s in it. If the winner wants to, hey, that’s cool. But I’m sworn to secrecy.

But first…a couple announcements.

I’ll be joining eighteen authors in the first bi-annual Arizona Dreaming reader event June 4th in Tempe, AZ. It’s a day of fun and chatting up all your favorite on-the-rise authors. I can’t wait! Limited seats available and tickets are selling fast. Get yours here.

July 30th I’ll join Rachel Thompson and Carolyn McCray to speak on two panels at the Indie Book Event in New York City!

May 18th marks Fierce Dawn‘s Bestseller For a Day and I’m starting to see that 3 times might in fact be a charm. Reviews and reactions over Fierce Dawn are phenomenal. The event itself is getting national attention. How cool that a seed of an idea, thanks to all of you, is growing so fast!

NOW, for the winners….

The Super Secret Prize goes to….Hazel O’Shea!!

The signed ebook, commenter from The Bookish Snob goes to…Toni LoTempio!!

Huge Congrats to both and thank you to all who came to play. Off to sign and send and stuff…happy Thursday all!

:}Amber Scott

Last Day For Free, plus Baaaa!

I didn’t win the Cage Match but came really close! I’m not a bit disgruntled, though, because the two in the ring are worthy of it, for sure.

Today, Ann Charles and Kimberly Kinrade are duking it out for the Blog Tour de Force Cage Match title! Go over and see the smack talk here: then vote by email.

AND, head over and show some comment love to Fierce Dawn’s latest review: 5 Sheep!  “Surpassed all expectations!”

Missed the other rave reviews? Love on them with some comments: Release Notes A Tale of Many Reviews, ParaYourNormal, The Bookish Snob, AO Bliblopsphere, Thrillers Rock T, Coffee Mugged

Get Fanged is a very cool new site I’m in love with. To help them grow, I’m holding a contest: I’m giving a signed ebook of Fierce Dawn away to one lucky winner! All you have to do is friend me there by May 10th to be entered!

:}Amber Scott

Lots of winged love going on. Want to get addicted, too? Then be sure you commented on my Cage Match post (scroll down) and Fierce Dawn ebook is alllllll yours!