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Hump Day Updates: Soooo Big!

This last week was all about the BIG.

Big…ahem…muscles. (See Jimmy Thomas. Does my grin say it ALL?)

Big events like Arizona Dreamin’. Year one amazed and wowed me, all the authors and all the readers, too. This is a reader-centric event. A fangirl gush dream. As a fan, I got to stalk both Erin Kellison and Gini Koch IN PERSON.

Not to mention Erin Quinn and Deena Remiel. Two more faves.

As an author, I got to meet several HOT club members in person. *hugs*

OH, and did I mention hunky Jimmy Thomas was there. He’s even MORE gorgeous in person with the personality to match. A genuinely kind soul that you immediately warm to.

The Indie Book Collective programs and staff are growing fast and hard and I’m pinching myself that I’m an integral part of it.

There’s BIG exciting stuff on deck this summer:

June 29th: “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” by Carolyn McCray, Rachel Thompson and yours truly will be up for Bestseller For a Day. Truly, this ebook will help any author. Not just Indie.

July 18th-22nd: I’ll join 14 authors in the Blog Tour de Force Menage a Blog where for 5 days, 3 authors per day will woo you with prizes, free ebooks and a chance to win a KINDLE! My coming release “Soul Search” will be up for grabs. We’re talking BIG fun.

July 28th-31st I’ll join Indie Book Co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson in New York City for the Indie Book Event where we’ll speak on two industry panels. BIG history in the making.

My weekly co-hosting gigs on Blog Talk Radio are proving to be BIG fun.

If you’re like me, summer is for reading. Right? Right! I started my summer off with “Shadow Touch” by Erin Kellison. Right now it’s only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle and I have to say, yes, I stalk her, but this one BLEW me away BIG time.  Grab it while its hot and let me know what you think. I’m dying to chat about it.

Happy Summer!

:}Amber Scott


Presenting Author Cage Match: Cristyn West v. Amber Scott

*Ding Ding Ding* MATCH ENDS April 25, 2011 Midnight PST!

In this corner, weighing in at never-gonna-tell, meet me, Ammmbeer Rockiiiiin Scott.

Yeah, that’s right. Rockin’. Today that’s exactly what WE are gonna do–rock Cristyn West’s world when you, me and every soul we know comes and comments here today!

You see, this week isn’t about picking the best read or the favorite author. It’s about which author can earn the most relevant comments and claim the Championship title.

And honestly, thank Chocolate for that because there are some seriously talented and amazing authors you’ll score FREE ebooks from this week. 10 in total!

We’ll have controversy with Monogamy Sucks (does it?) and A Walk In The Snark (#ManCode much?). We’ll have depth and honesty with reads like Bits of You & Pieces of Me. There are even two–count ‘em, two–award-winners in the ring! Who? Not telling, but if you hunt, you’ll easily find out.

Not that I doubt Fierce Dawn will win your heart and imagination. Its reviews prove #itshallhookyou.

Yes, I admit that my opponent’s read is so good it kept me up all night reading it…and then peeking in the dark hoping I still looked blonde in shadows. Brunettes beware is right!

But since the point to all this is FUN, I’ll try to stable my competitive streak and focus on the party part.

Did I hear someone yell PRIZES? Yes?


1. Comment for your instant win of an ebook copy of Fierce Dawn telling me what superpower you’d pick if YOU became a human changeling. Don’t forget to include your email address!

2. Pick your favorite review of Fierce Dawn (Release Notes A Tale of Many Reviews, ParaYourNormal, The Bookish Snob, AO Bliblopsphere, Thrillers Rock T) and comment there with the phrase “Blood is a drug and I’m addicted!” to be entered to win my rockin’ goodie bag, too. (US residents, please.) The contents of my goodie bag are top secret. I can tell you this: You will feel spoiled and beautiful (or handsome.)

3. EVERY relevant comment counts as an entry toward the KINDLE!!!! So, the more you talk, the more YOU and I will ROCK!

4. I am also giving away one signed ebook. Yep! Autographed by me, to you, in ebook format. Just imagine the bragging and gloating being one of the first signed ebook owners in history will give you! To be entered for this one, just sign up for my newsletter, by saying “Because I’m HOT!” (We call us the HOT Club.)

Now, comment here A LOT. Tell your friends to! Cristyn is positive she’s going to win and I want her social media queen crown BAD!

Are you with me? Awesome! #letscomeoutswinging

:}Amber Scott

P.S. Send a friend through tweets, facebook and more and get EXTRA entries. Just email with the details and you’ll score!

First SIGNED Ebook–Did it work? Did it work?

I’ve tested two signed ebooks!

One, with just my signature. The Epub version that Nook and iPad lovers need had a permissions issue on first run. Of course that was with a Nook, so any iPad owners willing to test this by sending a signed copy to their iTunes so they can then get it on iBooks, let me know and I’ll send away.

For mobi, Ann Charles confirmed her copy worked and looked great. Now, we are waiting for test run #2 results for Mobi. Holly, a reader who shouted out how much she enjoyed Fierce Dawn on Twitter, who also adores Gini Koch (I stalk her) books, is my first personalized signed ebook recipient.

IF Holly’s version works, what does this mean?

Together, we’re making a little bit of history. I think an author can sign an ebook on Sony e-readers live and in person. But other e-readers? Not yet.

It also means that I now have a REALLY cool way to thank Fierce Dawn’s coming Bestseller For a Day supporters! That’s right. Every fan who purchases an Amazon Kindle copy of Fierce Dawn through May 18th, gets a personalized signed ebook of it. Just email me at for the details.

FABULOUS!!!! (my favorite word.)

So, wanna know how I did it? Huh? Huh? It was actually pretty easy. 🙂

But first, let’s wait to hear from Holly. She agreed to come by and let us know-did it work? Did it work?

:}Amber Scott


Bestseller For A Day–Irish Moon Results

On March 16th, we made a bit of history.

Irish Moon, priced at 99 cents as part of the Bestseller For A Day promotion went from ranking around #7943 on the Amazon Kindle charts, up to ranking #595 on Kindle.

It hit #2 on the Kindle Fantasy Historical list, #2 on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy-Fantasy-Historical list, and #17 on the Futuristic, Fantasy and Ghost list.

Irish Moon had minimal Adwords support. In part, because the funds just didn’t kick in. In part, because the Adwords weren’t very effective, meaning the right ad, combined with the right copy, married with the best day and time that would create a strong click to buy ratio.

Amazon ranks every book by how many of that title are selling compared to every other book at that point in time.

Irish Moon‘s 200 sales that pushed it up the charts so well can be credited to reader support, reviews and word of mouth. The program’s credibility is no longer questioned. Readers are starting to trust that this is in fact a promotion program that brings great books at a great price with a collective goal they get to be a part of.

Because it is. And, each run, we’re learning about significant nuances that apply to different genres and platforms.

Now, our focus is not only how to break into that top 100, but how to stay there. First, write the book your high school nemesis can’t put down. Second, build a strong promotion platform. Third, get outside your comfort zone, step by little step, and take charge of your own success without apology.

These are lessons for all authors, not just Indie. We really are in this together and programs like this prove how powerful that ‘together’ can be.

I can’t thank the reviewers who supported Irish Moon with honest reviews enough. I had a blast at each of their sites. I can’t thank friends, family and HOT Club members aka readers enough for telling their mother, their father, their dog about Irish Moon. And, of course, I couldn’t be here without the support and genius of the IBC.

Fierce Dawn, my dark paranormal romance, releases April 2011 and the Indie Book Collective thinks it could be the book that will in fact go to the top. I’ve got a ton of work to do and I promise you this, I am loving every minute of it and still pinch myself to make sure this dream I’m in is real.

But, first, stay tuned for the hilarious and touching A Walk In The Snark by Rachel Thompson for Bestseller For a Day April 6th! We’re talking belly laughs, a hot price and phenomenal prizes to once again take a title to the TOP!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and bought their Kindle copy of Irish Moon!

:}Amber Scott

Take 6….and Action!

This little vlog is from A Tale of Many Reviews and I just had to share.  Many thanks to Julie for helping me get out there!

Click here for Bestseller For A Day: Irish Moon


:}Amber Scott

It’s 10am–Do You Know Where Amber Is?

I’m here!! And ALL over the internet. If you here maniacal screaming in the distance as you click around, that’s me.


Because today is Irish Moon’s Bestseller For A Day!!!!!!!!!!! AND, as of 10am, it has already jumped from #7493 on Amazon’s Kindle ranking up to #2454!!!!!!!!


AND, it is on 3 count ’em 3 Kindle Bestseller lists!!!!!

Yes, I feel like the luckiest author in the whole wide world for:

1. Having all these reviewers supporting me today: A Tale Of Many Reviews, Alise On Life, Mark of the Stars, AO Bibliosphere, My Eclectic Bookshelf, Release Notes, Book Lover’s Hideaway, A Chick Who Reads, SugarbeatsBooks and more!

2. Friends, family and peers. Everyone really is coming out today and bringing their dog with them!

3. The Indie Book Collective. I wouldn’t be here without co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson. These chicks know their biz and I’m am so lucky to learn from the masters!

So, here’s the deal: Go NOW and get your 99 cent Amazon Kindle copy of Irish Moon (click here.) Then score the two Bonus Buys listed on the Amazon page. Then go to and fill out the form on the sidebar so you can be eligible to win one of the 8 Amazon Gift Cards I’m giving away as thanks for your support!

Get your FREE Kindle application, in preparation for snatching up your 99 cent copy of Irish Moon, here:

Much love and luck to all, today! Thank you!!!

:}Amber Scott

Bestseller For A Day: The Result’s Are IN!

If you tuned into the Indie Book’s Blog Talk Radio show yesterday at 4:30 PST, you already know! If you haven’t yet checked out the show, you should. Not only do we share our news, industry news, but we talk about promotion, platform and have the occasional dork moment, too.

So….raise your hand if you saw my Facebook and Twitter shout that #1722 was Play Fling’s highest rank point on the Amazon Kindle ranking system. Oops!

I was wrong.

Not #1722….#1267!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Chocolate, people!

AND, Play Fling made it to #54 on the Humor list, and #64 on the Comic list, beat out by Snooki and Janet Evanovich which, hey, I’ll take.

Uncork the champagne! So what if its morning! Sneak it in the closet. This is huge reason to celebrate.

Just last week, mere days before the event, Play Fling ranged around the #20000 range to the #90000 range. We had about 65 total event sales and that is all it took to shoot up that high.

It begs the questions:

  • How many more sales would have pushed it to the top.
  • The holiday weekend was slow for sales overall. On a higher buying day, would sales have naturally increased for Play Fling thanks to Amazon’s recommendation system? Would it have been harder to climb so high? Easier?
  • 65 really, when you think about the literally hundreds that knew about the big day, isn’t all that much. What prevented some from getting in on the low price and rally of support? Did life happen? Did some just get busy? Or are some of us waiting to see what this program is really all about?

Here’s what I did to prepare for the day:

What I’m doing now:

  • Thanking everyone who helped, as individually as possible.
  • Sorting out the rebates on Love Lust and Indian Moon with the tech person.
  • Preparing to draw winners for the 13 Amazon gift cards.
  • Catching up on sleep and fighting off a sinus infection.
  • Mentally switching gears for the next Bestseller For a Day–yep, it’s a program NOT a stunt!

Thank you all sooooooooooo much. Hope you have an amazing week.

:}Amber Scott