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Scene Song Saturday–Nice Flirt

I’m always looking for new tunes that get my heart pounding and push me deeper into my characters’ emotional end. I fell in love with this song from first play.

“She Said” by Plan B. I find it so flirty and with “Soul Search” set in 1930, it gives me a full visual of a smoke-filled speakeasy and the pull between Grant and Leigh growing too strong to resist any longer.

The video itself is a ton of fun, too. I’ll be shimmying my hips and humming this song all month long.

What’s your favorite new tune this week?

:}Amber Scott


Scene Song Saturday–Fierce Dawn

“X-men action meets True Blood heat!” -Ann Charles, Nearly Departed in Deadwood

One of my favorite scenes to write and get inside of in “Fierce Dawn,” is Sadie witnessing immortals sparring for the first time. Then when she gets her shot at practice. Bjork’s “Army of Me” captures the slamming beat of Sadie’s heart and the first threads of determination she holds onto as she attempts to take her human kick-boxing moves to a whole new level.

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What song screams fight scene to you?

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday

I love, love, LOVE music when I write and thought it would be fun to share the songs that suck me into certain scenes.

While writing “Fierce Dawn,” Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love” captures the essence of Sadie’s struggle and her fighting spirit. I get a physcial reaction to it and must see Water For Elephants thanks to the song being in the preview. (Okay, yeah. Seeing delicious Rob didn’t hurt.)

Still, it makes me think of Sadie and Elijah in flight and the heat that crackles between them.

Here’s the video:

What songs make your heart pound?