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Hump Day Updates: Blurry June

Blurry…bleary…one of those words defines the last few weeks. This summer, copious amounts of coffee and chocolate are getting me through.

Don’t worry, I have no complaints. It’s just that all this fun leaves little room for sleep!

What has had me so busy? I’m in heaps of final edits for “Soul Search” for a July release available to readers in advance during the July 18th-22nd Menage a Blog tour. I’m so excited for the new version of this title.

Plus, Blog Tour de Troops created huge buzz and two non-fiction books I co-authored will release this summer, too.

There’s “Muse Food: Getting Hungry” written with Jess Macallan. This book dives into getting to know you, your muse and learning tricks to connect with your creativity fast.

And there’s “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide To Self-publishing Success” co-written with my fellow Indie Book Collective co-founders Rachel Thompson and Carolyn McCray. I can’t wait for its big Bestseller For a Day 99 cent blowout on June 29th!!!

The Indie Book Collective is growing hard and fast, which I love. Thanks to our events and classes, more and more indie authors are earning traditional style success, hitting bestseller lists and taking charge of their careers. I’m so grateful to be one of them with “Fierce Dawn” and “Irish Moon” still rocking the top 100 Amazon Kindle lists!

So, today, I raise my mug. Cheers to no sleep and big dreams coming true!

:}Amber Scott


Hump Day Updates: Soooo Big!

This last week was all about the BIG.

Big…ahem…muscles. (See Jimmy Thomas. Does my grin say it ALL?)

Big events like Arizona Dreamin’. Year one amazed and wowed me, all the authors and all the readers, too. This is a reader-centric event. A fangirl gush dream. As a fan, I got to stalk both Erin Kellison and Gini Koch IN PERSON.

Not to mention Erin Quinn and Deena Remiel. Two more faves.

As an author, I got to meet several HOT club members in person. *hugs*

OH, and did I mention hunky Jimmy Thomas was there. He’s even MORE gorgeous in person with the personality to match. A genuinely kind soul that you immediately warm to.

The Indie Book Collective programs and staff are growing fast and hard and I’m pinching myself that I’m an integral part of it.

There’s BIG exciting stuff on deck this summer:

June 29th: “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” by Carolyn McCray, Rachel Thompson and yours truly will be up for Bestseller For a Day. Truly, this ebook will help any author. Not just Indie.

July 18th-22nd: I’ll join 14 authors in the Blog Tour de Force Menage a Blog where for 5 days, 3 authors per day will woo you with prizes, free ebooks and a chance to win a KINDLE! My coming release “Soul Search” will be up for grabs. We’re talking BIG fun.

July 28th-31st I’ll join Indie Book Co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson in New York City for the Indie Book Event where we’ll speak on two industry panels. BIG history in the making.

My weekly co-hosting gigs on Blog Talk Radio are proving to be BIG fun.

If you’re like me, summer is for reading. Right? Right! I started my summer off with “Shadow Touch” by Erin Kellison. Right now it’s only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle and I have to say, yes, I stalk her, but this one BLEW me away BIG time.  Grab it while its hot and let me know what you think. I’m dying to chat about it.

Happy Summer!

:}Amber Scott

Bestseller For A Day: The Result’s Are IN!

If you tuned into the Indie Book’s Blog Talk Radio show yesterday at 4:30 PST, you already know! If you haven’t yet checked out the show, you should. Not only do we share our news, industry news, but we talk about promotion, platform and have the occasional dork moment, too.

So….raise your hand if you saw my Facebook and Twitter shout that #1722 was Play Fling’s highest rank point on the Amazon Kindle ranking system. Oops!

I was wrong.

Not #1722….#1267!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Chocolate, people!

AND, Play Fling made it to #54 on the Humor list, and #64 on the Comic list, beat out by Snooki and Janet Evanovich which, hey, I’ll take.

Uncork the champagne! So what if its morning! Sneak it in the closet. This is huge reason to celebrate.

Just last week, mere days before the event, Play Fling ranged around the #20000 range to the #90000 range. We had about 65 total event sales and that is all it took to shoot up that high.

It begs the questions:

  • How many more sales would have pushed it to the top.
  • The holiday weekend was slow for sales overall. On a higher buying day, would sales have naturally increased for Play Fling thanks to Amazon’s recommendation system? Would it have been harder to climb so high? Easier?
  • 65 really, when you think about the literally hundreds that knew about the big day, isn’t all that much. What prevented some from getting in on the low price and rally of support? Did life happen? Did some just get busy? Or are some of us waiting to see what this program is really all about?

Here’s what I did to prepare for the day:

What I’m doing now:

  • Thanking everyone who helped, as individually as possible.
  • Sorting out the rebates on Love Lust and Indian Moon with the tech person.
  • Preparing to draw winners for the 13 Amazon gift cards.
  • Catching up on sleep and fighting off a sinus infection.
  • Mentally switching gears for the next Bestseller For a Day–yep, it’s a program NOT a stunt!

Thank you all sooooooooooo much. Hope you have an amazing week.

:}Amber Scott


News, News, News!!!

Happy Monday, everyone! If you are one of the wonderful readers who’ve been missing Motivational Mondays’ little November hiatus, fear not! Motivational Mondays are nearly back and will be over at Plot Mamas! Which leads me to the next piece of news…

I’m giving my weblog a makeover! The wardrobe and make-up have all been selected, up-do created. It will debut December 3rd! And coming shortly after…

Irish Moon, my historical fantasy re-release is in final galleys and due to arrive on December 10th!!

Thanks to everyone who attended Scottsdale Civic Library’s Annual Fall Workshops. I had a blast! Also, thanks to all the friendly faces who came out to Borders Friday for the signing. It was a huge success!

:}Amber Scott

P.S. If you missed Saturday’s “Effective eBuzz” workshop, check out 1st Turning Point today for all the content highlights.


Motivational Mondays is now Manic…

…Month! Today, National Novel Writing Month, the 50,000 word sprint, commences and I am in it to win! That means the next 30 days will be a craze of busy chaos. i shall neglect laundry, ditch the dishes and scrape together 1667 words a day.

I have my soundtrack nailed down for Drowning Lust, the 2nd in the Lust series. Liv Starr began the series with her quest to cure her succubus lust. Now, her best friend finds herself on her own and tempted beyond belief to return to their incubus maker.

Will she? I don’t know. Paula Morrison is a volatile and often self-destructive temptress who has never been in love.

Temper Trap, Muse, Massive Attack and more are playing on my iPod but I’m looking for more. If you know of any dark and sexy songs, please let me know what they are. Milla, my muse, feeds off of great lyrics and a killer beat. So, I need to feed her well all month long.

I haven’t completed the 50,000 word sprint in two years. This year, I will. And each day, I’ll report on my progress along with Paula’s. I’m letting Milla run free and have locked Charles, bound and gagged, in my mental closet. All those niggling not supposed to’s are gone. I

I’ll return to regularly programmed posts in December. November, though, belongs to Nano. Stay tuned for the wild ride. It will either be really, crazy fun or just plain crazy. Either way, you only live once, so why not go for it?!

Alright then, let the race begin!

:}Amber Scott


Hump Day Updates: Yow!

It was SO nice being up in Reno for fall break and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.

First up, it’s my Sugar Mama day over at Plot Mamas and “She’s a Super Freak…Yow!” is up for you to giggle over. It’s part of the week long celebration of Stephanie Beck aka Gnome Mama’s many new releases.

To keep the fun going, I’m over at the Got Romance blog with “Daytime Terrors and Nighttime Sweets.” Three Play Fling eBooks are up for grabs!

Nanowrimo is only eleven days away and once again I’m jumping on the crazy train of fun and participating. Which means November will be a bit dizzy but all the more hilarious. If you’re doing Nano, friend me! I’m under AmberScott. Until PPIF Friday…happy hump day!

:}Amber Scott


Back Soon…

Happy Fall Break, everyone! See you here next Monday with our regular weekly lineup.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE eBook of Play Fling in celebration of hitting #14 on Smashwords Top 25 Bestsellers list! Just click here and use coupon code XC63P at checkout. Thank you so much for making it possible!!!!

:}Amber Scott