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Meet Charles & Milla

Born Charles Snicklebitz III, this pointy nosed, effeminate middle aged chap is Amber’s Internal Editor. He is the grammar guru, the plot perfectionist that stands over Amber’s shoulder as she writes. Charles is persnickety and finds he has something to say about virtually all of Amber’s ideas, manuscripts, interviews, blog posts and personal appearance.

Occasionally, His Opinionatedness demands a day.

Here, on the Amber Scott Project, Charles has found a place for his voice. Please keep in mind, those views Charles expresses are not necessarily the views of Amber Scott, her friends, her family, her readers or colleagues. Neither should his demanding ways offend as though he is very real to Amber, he is, in fact, imaginary. Feel free to put Charles back in his place as he so easily forgets his singular role: to aid in Amber’s revision process.


Milla (just Milla) is my muse. Her jeans are ripped in all the right places. She rocks electric blue eye shadow like nobody’s business and likes to put me and Charles in our place. When she wants to take a new adventure, I have learned to shut up and listen. I always, always love the ride.

When Charles pipes up, Milla tends to knock him down. And she could care less what his snobbiness thinks about her peep-toe stillettoes.

She knows what boys like and what guys want, even stark flaming ones like Charles.


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