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Did Katy Perry Read Alien Tango by Gini Koch?

If you’ve read Alien in the Family, Alien Tango or the genius book that started it all, Touched By an Alien by Gini Koch, you know exactly what I mean.

Listen to the lyrics! Tell me she isn’t singing about Martini! Or Christopher. Yes, many of her lyrics DO point to Elijah from Fierce Dawn (by me), except Elijah is NOT an alien. He’s a seeker. (gorgeous, magnetic, those wings….)

Wait a minute….

You haven’t read any of these? Seriously? Whoa. Okay. When you do, you’ll see what I mean and it will take the song to a whole new level.

Me? I’m savoring Alien the Family today. Taking it slooooow. Which is a challenge because Gini Koch’s books read like summer blockbuster movies. But I know I have a few months to wait for book four, Alien Proliferation, so I’m savoring.

Grab your copy here!

Or, Grab Fierce Dawn here!

Then come back and sing along!!

:}Amber Scott


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  1. That is too funny! After reading Gini’s books and listening to that song, it certainly sounds like Katy is singing about my favorite Alpha Centaurian men!

    My kids were arguing about this song last night – my son likes it and my daughter was teasing the crap out of him!

    I have to wait my turn to read Alien in the Family – my daughter has first dibs this time since she doesn’t have school!

  2. Abigail-Madison Chase

    Never read the series but if its anything like the song I will

  3. I think you have a point here. Either Katy Perry is a closet fan, or her songwriter is.

  4. This is too funny! I never connected the two as I use E.T. (w/o Kanye West) as my song to get me pumped up before a writing session, but her inspiration totally makes sense.

  5. Donna Marie Del Grosso

    Wow, Amber-
    I bet TOTALLY agree! It’s almost eerie. LOL!

  6. WOW, Everybody has been talking about this song but I just listend to it for the first time. Is Katy saying she has no idea what everyone is talking about? Hmmmmmm, this song is about Jeff, I totally believe it


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