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He said, “One or two pounds on you may as well be TWENTY…”

Yep. My dear husband who I love had no idea why I might be offended over that comment. Apparently, eating five gourmet cupcakes in one sitting puts a pound or two on a girl. I’m cool with that.

But TWENTY?????

#ManCode help me not kill him pleeeeeaaaassseeee!

I had a good laugh over my husband’s blunder thanks to RachelInTheOC and her book A Walk In The Snark, today’s Bestseller For A Day book.

It is side-splitting funny and ohhhh so true. Married? Dating? Living on planet earth with the opposite sex?

Then you’ll get it, too. Speaking of getting it–GO NOW and grab your copy for 99 cents today. Yep, a dollar for some serious laughs. SO worth it. And then you’ll better appreciate how I managed to NOT kill the husband yesterday.

PLUS, she has give aways to celebrate her big day. Check them out at!

Though I am facing a few hundred sit-ups, those cupcakes (root beer float, sweet potato with marshmallow frosting, lemon meringue and s’mores) were worth every last crunchie.

:}Amber Scott

P.S. Even if you don’t own a KINDLE, you can score A Walk In The Snark. Get a free KINDLE app HERE!


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