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P.P.I.F.–Alien Tango Love!

I can’t say enough fabulous things about this series. Touched By An Alien was a riot of a romp and I fell hard and fast for Jeff Martini, the only man who can truly keep up with Kitty Katt, heroine extraordinaire.

Ican’t, and yet, I have to try.

Let’s be up front here. I stalk Gini Koch. Not only because of this series (reason enough) but because she is one uber cool and funtastic author. She is all about her Alien Collective. #membershiphasitsprivileges

She shouts us all out! She creates super fun contests! And talking smack is strongly encouraged in them!

When I got my signed copy of Alien Tango, I’ll admit now, I got a few butterflies. What if it isn’t as good as the first? What if I didn’t over the moon love it like the first? Thankfully my niggling doubts evaporated on page one.

Gini’s–Kitty’s–voice is as strong as ever and the fast paced twists and turns made the pages fly by. I LOVED it. And I fell in love with Martini all over again.

Right now Gini is giving some fabulous swag away, including an Advanced Review Copy aka ARC of Alien In The Family, away. But, you have to a member of the cool crowd to enter. So go to Gini’s website now and sign up for her Hook Me Uppers newsletter. Even if you don’t adore her books, she is an author to watch if you want to learn from the best.

What are you waiting for? Go now! I’ll be there all weekend, talking smack and offing a certain older gentleman with a mouth.

:}Amber Scott


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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. This reminds me I should go bug the friend who has my notebook of my ppif sendalong of TBAA. I still haven’t heard how all the people who read it thought about the book.

  2. LOVED Alien Tango as well! Seriously , Best Book Ever!! Now I’m waiting for the wedding of the universe. See you there!

  3. Gini Koch is an awesome author who does seem to enjoy her readers. That makes it easier to enjoy her books, though there is no way you won’t!

  4. I stalk Gini too ,and love that the series gets better and better with each book.


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