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Karma Court Now In Session!!

Only 2 more days until Play Fling is up for Bestseller For A Day!

And to celebrate, all weekend long, it’s Karma Court time! *bang-bang*

  • 1st, go to and sign up for the newsletter! 13 Amazon gift cards are up for grabs as my thanks for your support in my Kindle adventure.

*claps around the world*

  • 2nd, Spread the word! I can’t do this alone. No author can. So Tweet, Facebook, Buzz and Goodreads your heart out.

*aw! thank you mucho!*

  • 3rd, Dish here all weekend long. That’s right, it’s a contest for who comes up with the most inventive and deserving wrong put right (or good deed rewarded) in Karma Court!

*mwah hahahaha*

  • 4th, Go get your FREE copy of Just Desserts and see how and why stupid cupid herself, Millie Match got stuck in her life sentence playing Cupid. (Just click on the cover.)

In preparation for Monday’s $0.99 Kindle blowout with Play Fling, I need more reviews! If you’ve read it, please take a moment to give your honest opinion in an Amazon review. It helps more than words can say.

So, now that we ARE in session, here’s my own ruling:

My crazy ex keeps trying to contact me. Yep it’s true. Stalker much? So, in Karma Court, I rule that for every time he has tried calling my family, or emailed them or otherwise searched for me on Google or who knows what else for the last eleven years, he gets to sponge bath an old dude (sorry, old dudes). AND the old dudes will thoroughly enjoy it because to them, the ex will look like a Centerfold in a nurse costume. Hehehe.

So, whatcha think? Was I too harsh? Not harsh enough?

More importantly, who would you ‘rule’ against and how?

Winner’s ‘ruling’ will be featured in the next Karma Court short, with acknowledgements, in Bitter Sweets!

:}Amber Scott


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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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