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Get Loaded…On Love, Baby!

Welcome to stop #8 in the Blog Tour de Force! Stop #7 was Keta Diablo and Stop#9 will be Rachel Thompson.

But FIRST…Before we get to the Druid magic or Highlander heat


    • –Score a free IRISH MOON Ebook! Comment on Quills & Zebras review with the words “Secret Charm” and it’s all yours. (include your email address!)
  • For a 2nd Free Ebook: go to I Smell Sheep and comment “I Sheep You!” on whichever review you prefer between IRISH MOON and PLAY FLING . (2nd Free Ebook=Play Fling or Love Lust.)

  • –For a shot at my Magic Mood kit (see below), tell me what sponsor you think I put most under my spell! (er, my books spell rather. I’ll draw a winner at the end of the tour.)
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Over New Year’s weekend, I finished Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo and the story has stayed with me. The honesty and care she gave her setting and characters made them come to life for me. I got chills when I learned what the title truly means and it is so good that I can’t bear to give it away. I urge you to read and learn it for yourself. I’m a sucker for loves that are placed against impossible odds. I love thinking, these two will never make it and then being proved wrong. Keta did that for me.

I love a good historical but I’ve always been particular to Scottish Highlanders! Yum much? So, when my muse whispered in my ear about northern Ireland being essentially Scottish highlands in the medieval age, plus noted how women had near equal rights…well, IRISH MOON was born. I love the Druid magic, I love the heat between Breanne and Ashlon. I can still feel that moment in the cave when the sliver of sunlight lights his face and Ashlon reaches for–OOPS! I almost gave it away!

Speaking of spilling beans, Rachel Thompson’s The Best of RachelintheOC: A Walk In the Snark, made me spill my coffee! I laughed that hard. Then she took me to a place so personal and tender that I feel close to her. I don’t have words to describe how poignant I found her collection of posts and again, don’t want to spoil the good stuff.  I’m an instant fan. If not for this tour, I might have found her late and would be really miffed!

I know what you’re thinking now. Bring on the prizes!!!! Right? Okay! COMMENT away and I’ll start sending your Ebooks TODAY!!

Don’t forget that every relevant comment you leave today, here or at I Smell Sheep earns you 15 more chances to win the Kindle!

Magic Mood Kit:

  • Slumber Bubbles pheromone enhanced bath/shower gel.
  • Surprise salon goodies
  • Witch’s Brew love spell cards.
  • Signed paperback, reader’s choice between Irish Moon, Play Fling, and Love Lust.

I wouldn’t be on tour without the support of my amazing sponsors. The reviews they gave Play Fling, Irish Moon and Love Lust blew me away. Give them ALL love with comments   —->     —–> Every comment on any of my books’ reviews saying “Amber thanks U” earns you 20 extra entries!!!

Don’t miss out on all your other chances to win!  Start at Stop #1 with Carolyn McCray and follow the link trail til 31st for Scavenger Hunt day of fun! Mini hunt #1 and Mini hunt #2 are here, too.

:}Amber Scott

PS: For 25 bonus entries toward the Kindle AND Magic Mood kit, email me at telling me you “brought a friend” by tweeting, facebooking or buzzing the tour.

PPS: Check out, too! Play Fling will need your help!!!



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. I want copies of both books 😮 – well. All 3 🙂


    I love this blog de tour thing. It’s a great thing.


  2. Your book sounds really interesting. I’m a sucker for Highlanders, the Irish and magic, so I’m sold! This blog tour was a really neat idea.

    • Thanks for playing with us, Kristina. I love following my wackier ideas and when I brought it to Carolyn McCray and the IBC, the tour was truly born.
      I’m a total sucker for the magic and myth of the Scots Irish lore, too.

  3. I don’t know which reviewer was put under the spell the deepest, but I really liked the review on “I smell sheep”

    the_happy_soul AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Theresa!!!! I do love the Sheep. They crack me up and I even won their Sheeped By An Alien tee. What I love most about this tour, though is all the new reviewers I’ve had the joy of getting to know. Like you!!

  4. Druid magic and Celtic accents? Sounds good to me! I think you had The Pen and The Muse most under your spell.

  5. I think Katie at I Smell Sheep was under your spell. I loved both reviews! Looking forward to reading your books after all of these glowing reviews!

  6. I actually prefer your Irish men to the average Scottish Highlander romance — I really think that’s part of what makes the book stand out. The women having equal rights was also a big sell too — I dislike how so many medieval romances have waif-like women who let themselves be pusehd around, even if that is how things used to happen!

    • I totally agree, Anna! Brehon law totally fascinates me. A woman could divorce her husband under the law. Of course there were also strange ones about mice in kitchens, too. But, still. There’s a saying that I’ll butcher here that Ireland was doing fine until the English got there and screwed it all up.

  7. Haha! I think KD was the most under your spell! She said “I think this book is sex-on-a-stick and I’m not ashamed to admit it!” Ha!

  8. I think you did spendid putting The Pen & Muse under your “books” spell 🙂

  9. Donna Del Grosso

    All The books sound great…. The I can’t put it down type!

  10. I am learning about so many authors. I love this Blog du Force!

    “I Smell Sheep”? That reminds of a story my husband had about going to Ireland with a research team — much to the amusement of his friends he returned saying “Ireland cured me of sheep” I think he meant that they are dirty and stinky and not like the champions at Fairs … at least that is what he told me!

    • Now THAT is hilarious. I immediately fell in love with the Sheep. Not only because I adore a wicked good sense of humor but because they love Gini Koch, too. And I stalk her.
      So glad you’re having fun. I am having a BLAST!

  11. Hi Amber. Can’t wait to read your books, all of them, but especially Irish Moon. I checked out the book reviews and I think that you put Denise Alicea, with The Pen & Muse, under your “book spell”. Thanks for being a part of the Blog Tour de Force.

    • Hi Kelli! I love that you’re the Last True Romantic. As a teen, my family teased that I live in romance novel zone. Yeah. We do. But, isn’t it the BEST neighborhood ever?

      • Oh yes, it is a great neighborhood! Thanks for commenting on my “name”. I chose it because 1) I am a hopeless romantic and it shows through in my writing. 2) There’s not enough love in the world and there are times I feel like I’m the last romantic person out there. Of course, after reading all about you and your books, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who loves romance, LoL. Kudos to you my friend.

      • I love it! The world needs more love, romance and rainbows! You’ll have to come back and tell us all about your books! An interview or guest post perhaps? I’ll bring the chocolate.

  12. This tour has been amazing! So fun – and the authors are great. Do I sense a new annual tradition? 🙂

    Kris Tualla
    “Norway is the new Scotland”

  13. Oh, SO LATE to the party! Just heard about the BTdF…fantastic!

    (Did you see that Colin Firth is talking about wearing a kilt to the Oscars? Okay, random. But thought you’d like to know..)

  14. Thanks Amber! We Sheep you too! 🙂 Looks like crazy fun over here today xoxoxoxoxox

    Make sure everyone goes out to get these books! They are sooooo good!

  15. I *LOVE* this community and Blog Tour de Force idea. Everyone is so talented!

  16. Great writers & Great tour!

  17. I’m a highlander fan and I like your cover.

  18. This is a great tour. I am discovering lots of great authors I have never read!

    • That is so cool! It’s what I really hoped for when I went to Indie Book Collective with my zany idea. They really made it so big and wonderful for all us authors. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

  19. The pen and muse review was wonderful.

    A Secret Charm

  20. I think I Sheep You was under your spell.
    Sheep are the best.

  21. Thanks this was fun. Your books are very good!!

    I would say Amber C. you had under your spell.


  22. Amber, I think quills and zebras was your best review! Good luck!

  23. Amber! I love you! Thanks so much for letting us be a sponsor for you! This has been a blast! Can’t wait to read Love Lust! I absolutely LOVED Irish Moon! Where can I find an English Knight who kisses like that?? YUMMY!!

  24. Your books sound like awesome reads!
    I think Mark of the Stars is under your book spell.

  25. Amber, congrats on the lovely reviews at The Pen& Muse and I Smell Sheep! I do think Denise at The Pen & Muse was delightfully under the spell of your Irish Moon 🙂 Gotta love those sheep ratings at I Smell Sheep, too 😉

    Yay–this is making my Tuesday 🙂

  26. Great review for Irish Moon. I think that Denise at The Pen and Muse was definitely under your spell.

  27. Hi Amber. I feel I’ve wandered into a women’s powder room, but hey, I’m on the tour. Reading the books and learning about a new genre. Good luck and I do think the tour is a great idea.

  28. I love Amber. I love Amber’s books and even though we are in direct competition for the author’s prize, I couldn’t help but pop over here and join the love-fest!

    And don’t forget Amber’s “Play Fling” is up for Bestseller for a Day on Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day. Amber is far too modest to boast about it, but you really should check out


  29. Your books sound amazing! I can’t wait to read them. This blog tour is so much fun! I think you put I Smell Sheep under your spell the most.

  30. All your books sound great! I look forward to reading them. I think I smell sheep are definitely under your spell.

  31. I love this blog tour!

    Can’t wait to read your books! I have found so many cool authors during this tour. My TBR pile is starting to tip over!

  32. I really like the tagline “fate…lust…complications…” sexy! Question, do you start with the love story or the research?

  33. Irish Moon sounds like a great read – can’t wait! Thanks for another fun stop on the blog tour 🙂

    smaccall @

  34. I love your blog, I am looking forward to reading your book. This is a great stop on the blog tour, thank you so much! 🙂

  35. Of course I would love to win a kindle but the mood kit is very inviting!

  36. I can’t WAIT to read your book! It sounds amazing!
    I think you had both under your spell but Quills and Zebras is what got me excited about your book! 😉

    – Siddy

  37. Looking forward to a fantastic read 🙂 Love the blog tour!

  38. Hey Amber,

    New book sounds great! I’m a fan of the Scottish historicals, so something like this ~ different, yet the same elements I know and love ~ is awesome. I will most assuredly be grabbing it up.

    Blog Tour is going well so far, you ladies have been awesome 🙂

  39. I am in love with this blog tour! I’m finding so many new-to-me paranormal romance authors?! I can’t wait to read this one! You’ve got a great hook with your blurb. Very nice.

    (Secret Charm)

  40. I’ve always loved the Scots, but I am half Irish so I just can’t decide. As far a your sponsors go, how can you not go for one called ISmellSheep!

    ps Amber thanks U

  41. Dang! I’ve been missing a fun party here. Just home the day job and the gym and had fun scrolling down and reading all of your fun. This is a blast of a tour stop. You already know I’m a huge fan of Amber Scott! After this tour, I’m even more so!

    Ann Charles

  42. I think you enchanted I Smell Sheep since they gave you 4 jiggin Sheep… that is such a cool rating system! I also loved Scottish Highlanders–can never get enough of them. The accent is to die for:) I do have a softspot for Irish guys though since my grandfather was born in Ireland.

  43. I think I Smell Sheep fell under your spell the most! You got FOUR SHEEP! Definitely excited to read all three of your books, but especially Irish Moon!

  44. Tell me how to get involved in the next Blog Tour de Force? All the authors seem to have so much fun!

  45. Hi Amber! During my senior year of high school, I was on a tour of the British Isles with about 40 other seniors. The bus chugged through the Highlands, and we reached a point where at least half the students couldn’t resist the picturesque scenery of boulder-strewn hills rising on either side of the road, sheep grazing between the boulders, and a (rare!) blue sky. They made the bus driver stop the bus so they could gallivant up the hillside a la Jean Brodie (you know, “Run if you will to the top of the hill”). Except that they only made it part of the way up before beating a strategic retreat. They’d been initiated to the Highlands with sheep deposits. Those of us who were responsible for the upkeep of pet dogs back home shrewdly remained by the bus, enjoying the scenery with clean shoes.

    Suzanne Adair

  46. I assume with your thing for Scotsmen that you’ve read Outlander? If not, I suggest it 😉

    Yours sounds yummy! I’m finding all kinds of good reads on this tour!!

  47. I think the Sheep had the best review! I look forward to reading the book. I’ve never been so excited by a review!

  48. I don’t know which sponsor you put under your spell but if it were up to me, it would be anyone dealing with chocolate. Here that Lindt? Hershey’s?

  49. I love my highlanders, so any book I can get with a sexy hunk in it I want it! So tell me, have you ever taken a peek to see what was beneath a kilt?

  50. Mona Livsey {Momma-Mona Storms}

    What an awesome Blog! And such a great contest too.
    Who doesn’t love Highlanders?

  51. Hola! You’ve been nominated by moi as being Worth Your Weight in a ‘Gator Battle! Head over to my Win Stuff page ( and get the skinny, along with the Battle Badge and instructions.

    They’re easy, and by dint of being one of my personal blog selections, once you pass along the honor, you’ll get an extra entry chance to win the prizes! Why? ‘Cause I KNOW you’re worth your weight!

  52. Theresa Manfredi

    Secret Charm!
    Can’t wait to read the story! It looks wonderful!


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