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10 Things You Didn’t Know…

about Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall author Erin Kellison!

1.       Erin loves Xanadu (wanted to be Kira, actually) and Flash Gordon (so much fun). She knows they are cheesy (cheesy-awesome!), but she saw them as a kid and she still watches with a grin on her face.

2.       Erin’s best story ideas come when she is walking on the treadmill, music blasting in her ears. Her best writing occurs in silence with the occasional munch of snacks, although her favorite vinegar chips have been replaced with the less caloric pop chips. Not as good though.

3.      Erin thinks it’s weird to talk about herself in third person, so I am going to stop. (I think it’s weird whenever anyone speaks in third person.)

4.       I write dark, scary stuff, and I’m afraid of the dark. Actually, give me five minutes and I can be afraid of anything. Once, in a half-sleeping/half-awake delirium, I was afraid of flying dinner plates. I have no idea where this sudden fear came from, except perhaps I hate to do dishes. Oh, and when we moved to Arizona, my sister asked me if I wasn’t afraid of the aliens that land in the desert. I laughed at her—ridiculous!—but that night I swear I was terrified of little gray men. At least the most absurd of these fears is very fleeting. My husband bears them all and has never mocked me. (The dinner plates deserved mocking.)

5.       While I am thrilled by horror movies, I can’t watch them often because of #4. I get preoccupied by the scary, and then can’t sleep. I make exceptions for good ones though. Most recently I saw Monsters and thought it was fantastic.

6.       I used to be pretty serious about ballet, which gave me a lot to draw from for my second book, Shadow Fall. The white ballets are my favorites.

7.       I love thunderstorms.

8.       My dad was in the Army, so I moved a lot as a kid. My brothers and I used to make up stories. Little bro Tom is just wrapping up his indie sci-fi film ( and big brother James is the author of the award-winning urban fantasy podcast Fetidus (

9.       I was assigned to sit next to my husband in tenth grade biology. We’ve been best friends since then, but never dated in high school.

10.   I have a crazy-good sense of smell. It’s mostly a curse.

See? No wonder I adore Erin Kellison so much! Not only do her stories sweep me away, she’s such a fun chick to hang with here, too!

So…what is YOUR favorite sleep-with-the-lights-on scary movie?

Mine? The Ring.

:}Amber Scott



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Wow and here I thought I knew Erin. I guess somethings are better left in the dark ( flying plates really?) Ummm scariest movie…got to be Misery. Great film, helps that it was about a writer.

  2. Halloween has always been my favorite scary movie, but I think a movie about flying dinner plates might be even scarier 🙂

    Great stuff Erin, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, Erin—I didn’t know you were a big wimp like me! LOL I can’t do the scary movie thing at all. I guess my scariest movies are with crazy people…

    And, I adore thunderstorms, snowstorms, windstorms…actually anything to do with weather.

    Fun post!


  4. Favorite sleep-with-the-lights-on movie: The Omen.

    But scarier still would be the Edgar Allan Poe stories my sister would read to me, and her rather morbid delight in watching her baby sister wince and cry and squirm as she told the story of the Pit and the Pendulum, or The Black Cat, with such dramatic flair!

  5. Donna Del Grosso

    I really loved Shadow Fall – especially the ballet scene when everything … we;; you know. I don’t like the scary movies either. Oh, KC you are so right about Misery. Kathy Bates is scary as H#%L!

  6. Another scaredy cat! No wonder we get along! LOL

    My fave scary movie is probably a toss up between “Phantoms” (starring Ben Affleck and Liev Schrieber) and “Demon Knight” (starring Billy Zane). Yes, because they’re both good and they have totally gorgeous leading men in them.

    I’m a simple creature, really.


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