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Carrie Weaver & Another Giveaway!

I’m so pleased to have Harlequin Super Romance author extraordinaire, Carrie Weaver, by the blog today. She’s endured my questions and made me laugh out loud with her answers. Let’s dive right in!

AS: Welcome, Carrie! So. You’re a working mom with two sons, 3 cats, two dogs and many fish. I must say, I am hugely impressed you have any time to write. What’s your favorite make time for writing trick?

CW: A contract is my very favorite incentive to write!  When I have a contractual deadline to meet, I’m much more focused and stay aware of the number of pages I need to write each day in order to meet my deadline.  My tendency to procrastinate is practically nonexistent during those times.  As my deadline looms, I also place a door-hanger on the office door that says, “Do Not Disturb; I’m in Deadline Hell.”  Of course, my pets can’t read the sign, so they still whine and paw at the door.  And my now-grown sons ignore it, because surely finding a pair of socks or determining the menu selection for dinner is more important.  When they were small boys, I told them not to disturb me unless there was blood, fire or vomit involved – until I realized they were more than happy to oblige.

AS: LOL! I can imagine the tricks they learned for grabbing Mom’s attention. What are your favorite types of scenes to write? Least favorite? Why?

CW: My favorite scenes to write are those magical ones where everything comes together and my story takes over, my fingers flying over the keyboards.  This is usually accompanied by a tingle that tells me I’ve tapped into a deep well of creativity.  Loves scenes are my least favorite to write because I want each one to be unique and reflect the individual characters.  Sometimes it’s hard not to resort to pure anatomical mechanics.

AS: A tingle. I love it and totally know what you mean. Music often triggers my muse. Your stories are so real to life. What kinds of things trigger your stories and characters into your imagination?

CW: Thank you for the compliment!  Pretty much any repetitive, mundane chore frees my muse to come out and play – laundry, mopping floors, mowing the lawn.  Or other times, like a long line at the takeout window, a hot shower, silence, that drowsy moment right before sleep descends, driving a scenic roadway….

AS: To get to know you better, please fill in some blanks for us:

CW: Happiness is love in its many forms.

To create, is divine.

All veggies and no chocolate make Carrie a very cranky girl.

If you can’t play nicely, then please find another sandbox.

AS: I’m with you on the chocolate. If you found a writing magic wand today, what would you use it for?

CW: I would wave my magic wand to decree that all professional authors be compensated enough to quit their day jobs.  My muse is ever so much more willing when I’m not exhausted from a “regular” job or worried about pesky details like groceries and the mortgage.

AS:  Okay. I’m on a wand hunt for you! So, what movie can you watch a thousand times and never get sick of? 

CW: Dirty Dancing!  “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” J

AS: OMG! I love Dirty Dancing and have seen it a thousand times! What can readers look for next from you?

CW: I’m waiting to get the green light from my Harlequin editor on a proposal for Brooke’s story, The Christmas Gift.  And I also have a mainstream romantic suspense manuscript I’m shopping.

AS: How wonderful! Now, readers, for a chance to WIN, not one but two books by Carrie Weaver, Baby, I’m Yours and Welcome Home, Daddy #SIGNED#, please tell us what your   Christmas wish. I’ll randomly draw the winner tomorrow, 12/21/10 (Extended to the 31st!!!!) from the commenters.

:}Amber Scott



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  1. Never knew I’d be this awake in the middle of the night…lol, Great interview and love your books Carrie

  2. Thanks for the terrific interview, Carrie and Amber! As for my Christmas wish–can’t we all just get along? My kids are going through a bit of a bickering phase (please, dear Lord, please let this be a phase!), and I’d love a couple days of enjoying each other’s company and having fun together 🙂 A little peace can go a long way 😀

  3. Fedora, thanks for stopping by! As you can tell by my sandbox comment, I’m thinking along the same peaceful lines — but sometimes it’s the adults who bicker more than the children. 🙂 I hope the magic of the season lulls your combatants into a more loving phase.

  4. Hey Carrie great interview!
    As for my Christmas Wish… It is one that I know can’t come true fully, but maybe in spirit. I would Wish to have one more Christmas as a whole family (including my deceased mom). This makes my 2nd Christmas without her, and though I know she is around in spirit I still miss her voice, her face, and her laughter. At least I have the good memories though and know that she is at peace! Thinking of you all this Christmas Season.. and wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

    • Donya, my friend, I hope you feel the magic of your mother’s presence this holiday season. We’ve been on similar paths with the loss of our mothers and it’s particularly hard at the holidays for me, too. Thanks for stopping in to say hello.

  5. I don’t know if it’s too late but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the interview and Carrie is a new Author to me but I have her book on my TRL. I’m glad I stopped in. Happy Holidays to you both.
    Carol L

  6. Gee whiz, I forgot to mention my Christmas wish this year and that is that my whole family, 7 grown children and their families continue in good health.
    Happy Holidays.
    Carol L.

  7. Thank you, Carrie! I appreciate the reminder to set a peaceful example, too! 😉 And when all else fails, I’ll pick up a book (maybe one of yours!) to make my own little oasis in the midst of it all 😉

  8. What a great interview Amber and Carrie! Carrie, your answers made me laugh too. My kids totally take advantage of my warnings :/ BTW, I really loved reading Once A Ranger. Can’t wait for your next to hit the shelves!

  9. Rula, great to see you here, thanks for stopping by! I think my kids always know that no matter how dedicated I am to my writing, they come first. Hence, their comfort level in ignoring my warnings, lol. I’m so glad you enjoyed Once A Ranger! I’m hoping to get the official okey-dokey on Brooke’s story soon. It will also be set at the Phoenix Rising Resort.

  10. I wish Christmas wasn’t such a stressful time of year! Would love to just relax, have fun, have some me-time, and not be running around, baking up a storm, and wrapping presents until midnight on Christmas Eve 🙂

    But this interview made me laugh so thank you!

    smaccall @

  11. Sarah, I’m glad you found a bit of a respite here from the hustle bustle of the season. Before I came online, I was mentally calculating my to-do list and thinking I may have just enough time. And I no longer have small children. Then the stealth quotient makes the logistics even harder!

  12. Can I dream of a new car? Mine at 207,000 miles is on its last leg. Thank you

  13. Candie, your car is a real trouper at 207,000 miles! I hope you get your wish very soon!

  14. Loved reading this interview, Carrie. You always make me smile.


  15. Donna Del Grosso

    Nice interview, Ladies!
    Carrie- Glad I got to learn a little more about you. I see you a lot but never have time to talk! You sound so busy with your books coming out, but it gave me a mental kick in the hind-quarters. I’m taking 2 weeks off to vegetate and visit with my family but i think after this week—- Mental deadlines all the way! Happy New Year!

    • Donna, good to “see” you here, too. I’m a firm believer in refilling the well, so please don’t kick yourself over taking some much-needed R&R. I bet you’ll be that much more productive when you return refreshed to your writing. I know a short break will often kick start my creativity, big time.

  16. Congratulations, Rula! I hope you enjoy the books!


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