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Kris Tualla Tells Most

I am super stoked to have award winning author Kris Tualla by my blog today. Let’s get nosy!

AS:  Kris, I love your slogan “Norway is the new Scotland!” Can you tell us all exactly why Norway is in fact the new Scotland?

KT:  When I started writing, I thought there were more than enough kilted warrior stories. So I decided to write different heroes: big, blonde, buff, and beautiful Norsemen! Then I decided to tell the world that my Hansen men are the “next big thing”!

AS:  You’ve created a setting and characters that feel so real. What about your characters’ Norse heritage really speaks to you as the author, their first true reader?

KT:  Out of curiosity, I had my DNA “done” a couple years ago. It confirmed what I already knew: I am 100% northern European. I have always felt drawn toward that area of the world – I even fell in love with the German language when I was in 8th grade! (Who does that?)

When I started doing Norse translations, I was surprised to see the similarity to German! Then I thought about it: the countries are >thisfar< apart! I plan to visit Norway next summer and will drive to the towns my characters are from – I can hardly wait! I’ll even try lutefisk.

AS:  Each of the three in your trilogy opens with a great first line. Which one is your favorite and why?

KT: A Woman of Choice: The dogs wouldn’t come back.

A Prince of Norway: “You’re a what?

A Matter of Principle: “It doesn’t look too bad, as whore houses go.”

It has to be “You’re a what?” because it takes the last line of A Woman of Choice and launches the second book, A Prince of Norway, literally without missing a beat!

AS: Fill in some blanks for us:

KT: To pass on an opportunity , is _stupid_.

If you can’t _be generous__, then __don’t expect to succeed__.

If at first you don’t _sell__, then __rewrite__, _and rewrite__ again.

All _on my own strength_ and no __trust in God _ makes Kris _panic_.

AS:  What’s the last book you read for pleasure and couldn’t put down?

KT:  Deanna Raybourn’s fourth book, Dark Road to Darjeeling. She was an AMAZING voice! But if you read her, most definitely start with her first, Silent in the Grave, and read them in order.

AS:  What can readers look forward to from you next?

KT: I expect to release Loving the Norseman in fall of 2011 – it’s 1354, the Black Death is over, and a Norseman is trying to get back to Norway after 20 years exile in Greenland. He crashes on the northern coast of Scotland. The heroine, who buried 3 fiancés in the Death and is about to lose her home, rescues him. They don’t speak the same language, but they need each other to survive. Shortly after that will come the story of a very popular and sympathetic character in that story, Loving the Knight. (It’s the first story where the heroine is the Hansen!)

AS: Fantastic! Today, readers, Kris is giving away an eBook copy of each of her Hanson trilogy. Please comment below and tell us what your heritage is for entry into the random drawing. It will be a package deal, but if the winner already has one of these, I’ll then draw a second (or third) name. (Open til 12/31!!!!)



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  1. Hi Kris! Hi Amber! You’re a what?! Well… I a mix of Polish and Russian. I would LOVE to win the third in the Hansen Series! I can’t get enough of this sweeping saga. Gotta love Sydney and her personality. And Nicholas, well, he just needs some good ol’ training from the wife. lol Great interview by great people! 🙂

  2. Great interview! And Kris, love your first lines. My fav is “It doesn’t look too bad, as whore houses go.” Made me smile. So to win copies (wicked laughter)–I am Italian, a bit o’ Portuguese, Scottish, Danish, English. 🙂 Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t have a Hansen or two in my ancestry.

  3. How fun, Kris! I’m Chinese, although I speak it only terribly 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated with the northern European part of the world though–it’s on my list of places I really want to visit! I’m thrilled to already have Woman of Choice–it’s a fabulous read 🙂

  4. Thanks, everyone! I am SO smitten with these characters, I am glad you love them, too.

  5. I love the idea of reading about Norsemen! I’m half Scottish on my Dad’s side and a mix of English, Welsh, and Irish on my Mom’s side so northern European is definitely in my blood 🙂

    smaccall @

  6. I’m a mixture of African-American and Native-American Indian. From the research my family has done, our ancestors were of the Powatan tribe of southern MD.

    Kris Tualla is a new author for me…but not for long! I look forward in reading her works.

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


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