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Kendall Grace Comes Undone!

Today, I’m stoked to have author Kendall Grace by. I must say, her latest release, Come Undone, has one killer hot blurb. Seriously. Be sure to take a read at the end of our interview. Now, on with my questions:

AS: Sweet tea, hot summer nights and some truly delicious gentleman. What do you love most about writing as a southerner?

KG: Thanks so much for having me, Amber. Growing up in this region, and traveling throughout the South, has given me a love of slow, small-town life. Although I live a large Southern city, it still has that down-home feel to it. I am particularly intrigued with very small towns. The setting becomes a character itself in the book and I love how some of the minor players in the story take on a life of their own, just by doing their Southern ‘thang.

AS: In the exquisitely hot blurb for Come Undone, the narrator references addiction. How deeply does this theme run through it?

KG:  The addiction that is referenced is the heroine’s sister’s, and as the book progresses and Jane realizes she has literally become addicted to the hero, she gains a better understanding of what her sister went through and how wrong she was to judge her. I run the parallel between the two forms of addiction through short flashbacks in the book, like the one included in the blurb. This is not a book about drug addiction, however. I want to make sure that is clear. This is a book about a heroine who becomes so wrapped up in the hero sexually, she loses herself.

AS:  What did you love most about writing Come Undone? Least?

KG:  The answer to these two questions is the same. I loved how Jane’s awareness of addiction unfolded as the story was told. I like how she grows as a character and learns that she too has a dark side. This element is also what I liked the least, because it was absolutely exhausting to write 🙂 Like most writers, I “take on” the characters’ emotions. Jane is put through it in this book, and as a result, I was as well while writing it.

AS:  If you got to cast the characters for the Big Screen, who would play your hero and heroine?

KG:  Hmm… Great question. The hero would be Ian Somerhalder, no doubt. For those of you who watch “The Vampire Diaries”, you know he can be decisively cruel, but underneath it he is nursing his own pain and demons. That is my hero, Chase. The heroine could be played by Rachel McAdams, but she’d need to dye her hair a deep brunette 🙂

AS:  Great choices! What would Come Undone’s theme song be?

“Maybe Tomorrow” by the Stereophonics.

AS:  OMG! I love that song!! Okay. Fill in some blanks for us:

KG:  To __screw up________, is __inevitable________.

All __pantsing_____ and no _plotting________, make Kendall _crazy_______________.

If at first you don’t  __land the guy_____, then __flirt_________, __flirt__________ again.

AS:  I’m with you on the pantsing. What “Hot Southern Lovin’” can readers look forward to next from you?

I currently have a submission in with my editor called, “Southern Exposure”. Here’s the blurb:

Annabelle Reed is a dedicated imposter. Professionally trained as an artist, she is following in her father’s footsteps working as a criminal defense attorney on the fast track to partner in New York City when a phone call draws her back to her mother’s hometown of Liberty, Alabama. But when her short trip evolves into a twelve week stay in the miniscule town right next door to the hottest thing south of the Mason-Dixon Line, her priorities begin to shift. Can she turn her back on everything she thought she wanted? Or more importantly, is there any way she can walk away from the man who has made her ache not only for him, but for who she used to be?

Trey Jacobs has been there, done that. The fancy career, the expensive car, the even costlier relationship. But after gambling with love and losing, he relocates to the small town of Liberty to live the kind of life he’s always dreamed of. Quiet. Simple. Peaceful. What he doesn’t bargain for is the feisty attorney who bursts into his life one stormy night. He sees beyond who she pretends to be and falls in love with the woman hiding underneath. But there will be nothing simple about convincing her to relinquish her heart.

AS: Oooh. Nice blurb. Loads of steamy conflict potential. So, reader, is there someone you wouldn’t mind getting addicted to?

Come Undone

Kendall Grace

My sister became dependent on painkillers after a skiing accident left her leg broken in three places. I didn’t understand and, yes, I judged her. After all, we were talking about her will. No one was forcing those pills down her throat. It seemed very cut-and-dried to me back then. But I know differently now.

The first time Chase touched her, Jane finally understood addiction…understood the aching need, the keen want for more…more of his hands…his mouth…his tongue. His complete mastery over her body. She knew the suffocation of crushing anxiety as she waited for her next hit, the flash of terrific pain when it didn’t come.

Chase seems unwilling to give Jane what she needs; what she ultimately craves above all else. But addicts can’t think beyond the fix. They’ll resort to desperate measures to feed their need…even if they lose themselves in the process. Even if they come undone…

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  1. Thanks again for having me, Amber. I’m so happy to be here. Since I wrote this blog piece for you my next book, “Southern Exposure” was contracted by my lovely editor, Kelli Collins. This book is very differnt in feel from “Come Undone”. It is not dark, but still has the deep emotional edge I like in my stories. This one also leans toward the funny side… Think small-town Alabama secondary characters. It was a lot of fun to write!

  2. Wow–very intriguing sounding story, Kendall! Thanks for the intro!


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