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10 Things You Didn’t Know…Gini Koch!

If you’re new to my Friday theme here, it’s all about how I stalk. I package it in a pretty ribbon called PPIF (Project Pay It Forward), but honestly, it’s an excuse to fan drool. I’ve conned my favorite of all, Gini Koch into my latest game.  Take it away, Gini!

GK: Huh. I was all over this plan of Amber’s until I thought about it a little. My life’s an open book, I have very few secrets that “the world” couldn’t be allowed to know, so coming up with 10 things that are at least relatively unknown is kind of daunting. But let me give it a shot.

1. I took Metal Shop for 3 years. And was good at it.

And LOVED it. I was the only girl (which was a huge benefit) and I learned that there’s only one thing I can’t do as well or better than any guy, which is forging (which requires more upper body strength than I have). It was revelatory and eye-opening and truly the highlight of my entire school career. I also learned everything I needed to know about men, and how to handle them, in Shop class. Truly, it was the best class EVER.

When I am rich and famous I plan to have a welding studio, because I miss oxy-acetylene welding more than I’d like to admit.

2. I can gold medal in procrastination.

I like procrastination. It pays off now AND later. I’m potentially the laziest person on the planet. I can sit and play computer solitaire for HOURS and, while I’m thinking and brainstorming during that time, it’s not like solitaire is getting anything done other than improving my mad card sharp skillz. How I manage to get things done is, as the hubs frequently points out, both a mystery and a miracle.

3. I hate detail work, but am considered really good at it.

I actually know how I got this rep. I hate, HATE, having to redo things, especially things I hate doing. Writing? Oh, I’ll revise THAT for days, weeks, years without complaint. Spreadsheets, proofreading marketing materials, etc.? Not so much. I’m the pickiest, most alert person out there if I’m not interested, because I only want to deal with that crap once and never have to look at it again.

4. I can also gold medal in worrying.

You know how Carolyn Crane has those guilt issues? Well, I have worry issues. Need something worried about? Just pay me to worry about it for you, because chances are good that I already AM. You go on about your business and leave all that pesky worrying to me. I gotcha covered. This includes everything from minor issues up to destruction of the known universe. Trust me, when it comes to worrying, I have you COVERED. All of you.

5. I’m the world’s worst correspondent.

If you know me, and you haven’t heard from me in ages, this doesn’t mean I don’t like you any more. It might not even mean I’ve lost your address, email or phone number. It just means that, as per my own special course, I haven’t carved out the time to TELL you that I miss you and am thinking of you. But I am. Trust me. If you know me and I know you, I’m thinking about you. And, because it’s me, I’m probably worrying about you, too.

I’m absolutely worrying that I should write to you. But then I worry that I need to send a REAL letter now, ‘cause it’s been so long. Or maybe I should call. But then I worry that this will be a really long call, because we have so much to catch up on, and then I worry that we both won’t have the time. Or worse, we’ll both feel that we HAVE to talk for hours the next time, and the cycle will start all over again. (Seriously, for those who don’t believe I have their worrying covered, re-read this paragraph. I bring the worry skillz, baby, trust me.)

I used to do regular Christmas newsletters that at least meant folks heard from us once a year. Then I started writing. Correspondence conflicts with writing in every way possible. Nowadays, the only people who are guaranteed to hear from me on a very regular basis are my agent, my crit partner, and my main beta reader. Everyone else? Um, yeah, I refer you to the preceding paragraphs.

6. I have one, and only one, celebrity that can do no wrong in my eyes.

Tom Cruise. Because the hubs, swear to God, looks just like him. Ergo, to me, Tom is sacrosanct and I will not hear a word against him, no matter what he does. It’s not the most brilliant policy, I’m sure, but it works for me.

Conversely, Tom is the only celebrity I literally can’t use as a model for any character, because it feels like I’m using the hubs and, for whatever reason, using MY HUSBAND as a model for SOMEONE ELSE to do anything with, including merely talk to, is against my personal religion.

7. Every decade I have a TV show I addict to.

But only one. The rest I can take or leave alone, but there’s that “one” that I cannot resist. In the 80’s it was The A-Team. In the 90’s it was The Magnificent Seven. (I didn’t say these shows all lasted a long time.)

In the Aught’s? Well, THIS is no mystery. It’s Castle. Long may it run.

8. The highlight of my childhood was getting hugged by Tigger at Disneyland.

I think I was 5, and this was well before the characters roamed the parks and posed for photo ops. No, if you were going to get to see the characters, you were going to see them in a parade or nowhere else. So a character coming over to you, breaking ranks so to speak, was a BIG deal.

I can still remember the incredible joy I felt when Tigger NOTICED ME (screaming his name like he was, for today’s youth, Justin Bieber) and came over and HUGGED ME. It was a body rock side to side hug, too. A REAL hug. No celebrity or famous person I’ve met since has ever made me feel as thrilled as I was at that moment. Celebs come and go, but there’s only one Tigger, after all.

9. I learned to sail when I was 9 years old.

I can sail anything up to 27 feet alone, though it’s nice to have someone around to handle the jib. At the time, I was the youngest sailor around and would routinely beat the adults in races. (Good times…good times…) And yes, the irony is that while I love to sail (ocean sailing, preferably), I live in the desert. And I like it in the desert, so sailing doesn’t happen too often these days.

10. I’m a jock.

Hard as that is to believe these days, but I not only learned to sail young (yes, kids, it IS a sport, as you who’ve leapt from side to side and gotten that boat to really heel over know), but I also learned to ice skate even younger. I also ran track, could pick up just about any sport in about two tries (other than surfing and golfing, both of which I leave to the professionals), took Kung Fu, did weight training, ran 10Ks and actually pondered the idea of running a “real” marathon (sanity hit before that became a real issue). I can play any racquet sport, swim, play basketball, baseball/softball, and football. Those track coaches Kitty refers to? Um, yeah, they come from my real life throughout the years.

Bonus Round:

I’m incredibly competitive.

I’m sure that comes from being a jock pretty much all my life, but I can’t even play a board game without wanting and doing everything in my power to win. I CARE, baby. So, really, don’t challenge me to a “friendly game” of anything. There ARE no friendly games, just games where I either win or lose. If I lose, I’m gracious. And plot how I’ll beat you next time. If I win, I’m happy to let you try to beat me another time. I love the playing but I want the winning. Truly, competitive is my middle name.

The hubs mentions that this doesn’t actually apply to when I play Monopoly, but he’s wrong. He’s only played it with me and my cousin, and she and I have a different approach to how to “win” at that game. (We like to see who can pay off in the smallest denomination bills. This, to us, is HILARIOUS. The hubs, on the other hand, doesn’t see the funny in it.) If I play Monopoly with anyone OTHER than my cousin, all the rules of competition apply.

AWESOME! Okay, Gini, my favorites are your gold medals. I totally did not know those ones.

How about you, reader? Any new aha’s on this list you like best?

:}Amber Scott, stalker

PS: Gini will be signing Touched By An Alien TONIGHT at Scottsdale Waterfront Borders 5pm-7pm!!



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  1. Glad to hear I can just sit back and relax while you worry for me 😉
    Moving this tuesday while the bookcase still needs painting and we’ve not packed anything yet? No worries! Gini will do the worrying for us. I feel beter already.

  2. Okay, I totally get the bonus round! Also being a jock most of my life, I get it about competition. I don’t even let my kids win in Candyland. If they win on their own, kudos, but if they don’t I am going to teach them to be gracious losers! Play volleyball against me and I absolutely will make you my sand bitch! I will also trash talk until you make a mistake, but only on the court! Afterward, I’ll buy the 1st round!

    I also get the procrastination! But I don’t have the worry issues – they are all your Gini! You own those little rascals!

    Loved the interview!

    • Yet another reason why I love you. I try to make sure I team up with other competitives when playing games at parties, so that we win and are all happy about it. I avoid teaming up with the hubs ’cause he couldn’t care less and that drives me crazy. LOL

      • I must confess I learned to do bad at games and just play them for the fun of it as my father and both my brothers hated losing and got all grumpy at the winner, so I made sure that wasn’t me.

  3. Aloha Gini!!
    I can totally get the competitive spirit. I’m very competitive and always looking for the edge no matter what’s on the table.

    Sailing is super cool. I love surrounded by ocean so everything water is natural for me. I’ve never learned how to sail though I’ve been out several times. I can, however, manage a fishing boat. There’s nothing live deep sea fishing and coming home with yummy fish to share.

    =) I’m looking forward to reading your work!

    • LOL, it drives the hubs crazy, especially because he actually likes to play a “friendly” game.

      I do have to admit I miss sailing. I used to work at the fuel dock to pay for my sailing time, and it was super cool to see the sport fishermen come in with their catches.

  4. I love Castle too. The best show thats out right now, hands down! 🙂


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