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P.P.I.F.: 10 Reasons…

Today’s 10 reasons are for Erin Kellison and her Shadow series. Shadow Bound blew me away so much that I sent it off into the world in a book off, where the copy is–hopefully–racing through readers to get back to me first. When it does, I’ll return it to Erin as a memento of her hard work and readership. If you’ve seen this book around, or its sequel, Shadow Fall, and aren’t quite sure, I’m here today to tell you why I loved it.

10 Reasons to love Shadow Bound…

1. Wraiths: Their soul eating and terrifying. They look like you and me, only a little better. The only thing that stops them is Shadowman, the grim reaper.

2. Shadowman: When death falls in love it is painfully beautiful.

3. Talia: Her metamorphosis from a woman who’s always felt different, who has spent her life trying to blend in lest her strangeness be discovered, into a heroine whose strength saves the day is remarkable.

4. Adam: Fierce, determined and single-minded in his heart-wrenching quest to destroy his own brother, a wraith. Talia softens him while he brings out her strength.

5. Custo: Adam’s best friends ultimate sacrifice leaves a hollow pit that is filled back up when we discover his is the next story in the series.

6. The Writing: Erin’s prose is an excellent balance of action, dialogue and narration that whisks you through the story.

7. Shadowlands: The place between our world and the Hereafter is dense and mysterious and when Talia is able to pull on it, to cloak herself, its tangible feel is almost familiar it seems so real.

8. Glass Windows: I love not only the steamy scene that fogged it up but the vulnerability the glass creates on the scene for the reader.

9. Tension: I love stories with situations that seem simply impossible to get out of. How can Adam possibly destroy Jacob, his brother, when nothing else has?

10. The Corset: When Talia transforms into the strong heroine she is meant to be, the corset she dons becomes her armor. I love the visual and symbolic effect this sort of set prop creates and can’t think of a better, more suitable piece for Talia. It’s sexy and daring. Love it.

I promise I haven’t given too much away. If you’ve already devoured this one, too, I’d love to hear what would be on your list!

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  1. You are so very sweet, Amber. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm. Makes all the difference, especially when I sitting here trying to find my way through the next scene. Huge hugs coming your way!

  2. Sounds very cool!
    I have this on my wishlist.

  3. very interesting concepts.. seems like a good read


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