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Motivational Mondays: Little by Little

I’ve returned from Seattle, WA from the amazing Emerald City Writers’ Conference. And I am completely overwhelmed. The joy of communing with my fellow authors, the gratitude of being included in the Book Fair with my fellow e-pubbed authors, the sheer awe from all the kismet moments. Those three days went past so fast they felt like three hours.

I have so much to do! Oh no! Ideas and information are going to leak out the seams! Eek!

Okay, okay, Amber. That’s enough.

I have to allow myself–not force, not cajole myself–to simply be today. The urgency to rush forth and get everything done (unpacking, sending thank you emails, attacking revisions, setting goals, reading a hundred emails, a podcast for tomorrow on Indie publishing, etc.) is really only fear in disguise.

There is no clock. There is no line forming that I must push through to the front of. Deep down, I know, if I rush, I’ll miss something important. In an evacuation emergency, staying calm and orderly is crucial, so why not in instances of extreme excitement, too?

So, I’m letting the suitcase sit, and focusing on my gratitude. I’m wrapping it around my heart like a snuggly soft blanket and allowing my mind and heart to ink the weekends events and people and knowledge into permanency.

Doing nothing is still doing something. Little by little, I’ll get it all done. Besides, I’m low on cuddles and have two little monkeys more than willing to fill me up.

What do you find helps most when feeling overwhelmed?

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. I am riding in the same boat, trying to keep afloat. Well said! It is almost noon and I am still digging through the jewels brought home from the conference. It was wonderful to finally meet you.

  2. Congrats on your first booksigning! I think the way they did that was awesome and I’m so happy you could participate. 🙂

    Dang, I forgot all about the podcast! Better get busy on that. We’ve been so busy with conference and the Parrot Party, there hasn’t been a spare moment to even think about the podcast.

  3. For me music helps.
    For example: when I’m feeling weepy and sad I listen to The Smith. No one can continue to wallow in sadness when Morrissey can take it a whole nine yards further than you can :-p

  4. Congrats! I good bowl of ice cream always simplifies things.

  5. Come back to Seattle! I need a bigger Amber-Fix! I had a wonderful time with you here and can’t wait to hang out again.

  6. Music, chocolate, writing. That’s what I use. Oh, and reading my friends’ blogs and hearing about their awesome time also helps. ;-D

  7. Donna Del Grosso

    Welcome back, Amber! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Glad you had a nice time. See you soon!


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