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Motivational Mondays: Follow That Geek!

I’m hoping that, internal editor and muse aside, I’m not the only one out there walking around with an inner geek. But, hey, maybe I am. Yes, that adds yet another personality for my therapist to integrate. My geek”s the one I blame for my wackier ideas you all occasionally get to read about here. So-ahem- geek alert!

Alright, here’s the challenge:

Ever see the movie Something’s Gotta Give? In particular, do you recall the scene where Diane Keaton’s character is madly typing at her laptop, a view of the ocean before her, surrounded in gorgeous white Hampton home perfection? Or, how about Hamlet 2? The scene where the hero finally breaks through his writers block? NO?! Get the to a video store then view one or both and get the back here! Okay?

So, those scenes? That’s what we’re doing today. And every day this week. Only you can keep your undies on and the ocean will be in our heads. It’s called visual motor rehearsal and if athletes and NASA can use it to train for success, why not us?

Today, take ten minutes. Set the timer! Sit in the chair you typically write in, keyboard at hand, and close your eyes…. Imagine yourself madly typing, feeling the story flow out of you in one of those rare, wonderful surges of beauty you know deep down is some of your best. Now, eyes closed, do it. Type, toss your hair, smile. Feel the keyboard, feel the triumph, feel the bone deep satisfaction only an amazing day of writing can bring. For all ten minutes.

Did you know that even pretending to do something in this manner creates the same physiological reactions as when you do it for real? Whoa. Cool! So, this week, we shall write, but not until we have rehearsed being brilliant, confident, free and creative. Let’s see how it effects doing the real thing!

Yes, we’ll feel like geeks, but I am happy to say for years now, I follow that geek! Will you?

:}Amber Scott, also over at Erin Quinn’s blog today! Come say hi?



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  1. Donna Del Grosso

    Good Visualization. Love Diane Keaton in that movie. You might have hit the nail on the head, woman. When i sit down and stare at the computer, I think of Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From The Train when he paces the floor arguing with himself ala “maybe the night wasn’t warm? Maybe it was damp. Maybe…. maybe…..” Finally, he sits down, types a five word sentence. throws his hands to the sides of him and says something like, “that’s it I’m done.” Love that scene too but I’d rathee be Diane Keaton! =)

  2. inner geek? I’m more of an outer geek :-p
    Proud to be btw!
    (and there’s tons of inner personalities in me I must confess)
    This excersize does sound like fun, so I will try it

  3. I proudly proclaim my geekdom everywhere. Heck, I’m writing a ‘sword & sorcery’ Paranormal romance as we speak – fireballs and swords, here we come!

    Anyway, I agree with the visualization. To speak of it, the whole concept is almost eye-rolling. If you actually start doing it, it’s an amazing way to get yourself pumped up, which means less excuses to why you *shouldn’t* do something, and so on.

    Works wonders for getting your butt to the gym as well. πŸ™‚

  4. The past few days, I’ve been turning my daughter’s bedroom into my own writing space. She, of course, will be horrified when she comes home from college over Christmas and finds out that her room has been commandeered this way, but I’m so excited! I can’t wait to finish it then sit down at my desk and feel all professional. πŸ˜‰

    And honestly, I do believe it’s going to help my writing, too. It is a whole room devoted to nothing but the written word.


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