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Motivational Mondays: Life Happens

I don’t know about you, but particularly when it comes to my writing goals, I’m extra hard on myself. If I don’ t hit my word count, or revision minutes or more, I kick my own ass. On those swimming upstream days, I immediately look at my inner motivations and ask myself, am I avoiding _______? Is fear ruling my day and interrupting ________? What is not getting _______ done doing for me?

Many times, all it takes for me to get back on track is a little analysis and finding that inner balance again. Remembering that this is supposed to be fun. Remembering that there is no real ticking clock, just my own imaginary one. Then there are days where no amount of self-reflection will help.

There are the days like today.  You wake up with a head in a fish bowl cold, two days behind schedule, and the fridge is on the fritz. Water is leaking. The husband is in a panic, money is flying out the car window as we race to shop for a new appliance, hoping the kids will take a donut bribe and behave.

But, hey, life happens. My goals will keep for one more day.

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Oh no, Amber! It’s no fun about the fridge. I’m so sorry. And hang in there on your story. Some aspects defy schedules and goals, but the results are worth it. Hugs!

  2. You’re right about being harsh on ourselves, because our expectations can be so impossibly high. It doesn’t leave much room for “real life” sometimes (OR fun).

    My sympathies on the new fridge — I remember ours going out on the 4th of July one year. LOL Fortunately we were having a BBQ so it was easy to cook all the food that would otherwise have gone to waste!

  3. Dude! The fridge? I always felt the fridge was the only loyal appliance in the house. How could it betray you so? I hope you get a real nifty new one that will make your old one jealous and beg forgiveness. 🙂

  4. Donna Del Grosso

    Hey Woman!
    The fridge is the worst thing when it goes out! keeping milk in a big ol cooler surrounded by ice just so you can have your cereal in the morning and milk with dinner is no fun!

    • Yes, milk on ice ain’t fun. But, the good news is, we survived. It happened on a holiday weekend so we were home, there were sales and I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in a couple weeks. Good timing, if there is for these things. :}


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