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P.P.I.F.: Why These Two?

While my first four launched copies of Gini Koch’s Touched By An Alien trek their way into the hands and hearts of what I hope will be five or more readers each, rather than wait to see if my zany idea will work, I’ve chosen two more books for PPIF.

Why these two books and why two at once?

Both books equally blew me away. While they are vastly different, they have a few things in common, too. Each has a heroine struggling to accept who she is, and what the consequences of her ‘power’ are. Both books had me thinking, there is simply no way the heroine can get out of such a complicated mess! And both authors are masters with their prose. Both books have clever, interesting premises.

Here’s where I absolutely fell in love with the dark fantasy, Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison:

“Kathleen….”He could not stop saying her name. He didn’t want to, not as he felt himself unraveling into the icy darkness. His substance dissolved into the chiaroscuro of Twilight, while his shadow-bred senses reached toward mortality.”

No wonder Shadow Bound is one of Dorchester’s Guaranteed Reads!

Here is where true love struck me with the urban fantasy, Mind Games by Carolyn Crane:

“I was always the kid that followed the rules, cut perfectly in the lines–not because I was normal, but because I came from the town’s weird family. People who grew up normal think it’s something to be rejected. They’re wrong. Normal is a precious kind of freedom, and if you don’t have it, it’s all you ever want.”


I couldn’t possibly choose and, as I’m a bit on the eager side, why not two?!

Okay. So, now what? Next, I’ll draft my letter to the readers, and select my launch persons. So, tune in next Friday. Also, the super coolest part is that both authors are stoked about all this and may even do an interview. Oh! AND, both have a second in series releasing right on the heels of the first, so, if you go find these yourself, your withdrawals til the next will be short lived.

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Amber Scott Project

    OMG! Perfectly timed, the Shadow Bound ebook is FREE today at
    It’s kismet!

  2. Donna Del Grosso

    I finished Shadow Bound this week and L O V E D it!
    What a story and what a way with words. The ending is tops! If you’re going to pick up Shadow Bound, pick up Shadow Fall at the same time and save yourself a trip! =)

  3. I’m psyched to read both Play Fling and Shadow Bound. That is a gorgeous chiaroscuro line. LOL.

    This is fun already.


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