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Quotes to Write By?

Over the years, my irreplaceable career coach, Ann Charles, and I have come up with our own little stable of quotes to write by. Some are our own, some not. Here are my current faves:

“Author Up!”

“Grow a Pair!”

“Think Big. Bigger Than That.”

“Girls Fight For Keeps.”

“Authorhood. It keeps a bitch humble!”

So, reader, what words do you find helpful to live–or at least, laugh–by?

:}Amber Scott



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Kelly Anderson

    When complaining about no time to write, or deadlines or screaming kids….my Texas Mama always says…

    “Honey, get down off the cross, somebody needs the wood.”

    I love this quote and use it all the time…much to my children’s and sometimes my husband’s dismay!

  2. Just do it.

    All you need for success is 10 seconds of boldness.

    Success is the best revenge.

    Procrastination…it pays off now AND later! (This one has easily proven itself right more than any other axiom. What that says about me I really don’t want to think about…)

    Embrace the insanity and make it work FOR you.

  3. Well, obviously:
    Never give up! Never surrender!

    And as for others:
    most are dutch and from dutch comics so telling them wouldn’t make any sense to people not knowing the comics.

    And lastly a quote my father used:
    Modesty may look good on you, but it won’t get you anywhere!

  4. Insanity is a smoother road than the one to publication.



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