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With all the cool changes Independent publishing and digital publishing are bringing to the industry, I think more and more, books will be only part of the reader to author experience. How cool would it be to be able to rock a signed t-shirt of your favorite series, flaunt a mug with a character quote or dangle on your bookcharm on your keys for all to see? And all before those books even get made into movies!

I believe in the author as a franchise. And I may not be the only one.

Check this out: collector stuff on eBay, and fan gets at Gini‘s and a very cool article that holds the whisper of promise for the future of author cross promotion here.

I don’t know about you, but I would have totally worn a Twilight t-shirt before it became a franchise.

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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. I’m in! Rockstar Authors–too cool! I’d wear author goods.

    Ann C.

  2. I wouldn’t wear a Twilight shirt, but there are other authors that really should make shirts and other merchandise in my opinion.

  3. I do find it funny in one of those almost sick-funny ways that someone’s trying to sell off my magnets that I give away for free to anyone who asks via my Free Stuff page (and, attention authors: there’s a REASON you limit how many of any one freebie you give out to any one person).

    I got a lot of free swag at Comic-Con, too. How foolish I feel giving it all away to my Hook Me Up! subscribers instead of selling it on eBay. LOL. It’s worse when you see ARCs on sale there, because it’s normally not going to be a fan/reader who put those ARCs up for sale.

    But I digress…

    As is totally obvious, I’m a big believer in the author as a brand. I’ve spent over half my life in marketing and the sooner any business treats itself like a major brand/business, the better for their long-term results. And yes, as authors, we ARE a business. Your name, or pen name, is making a promise to your readers, and it’s also making a promise to everyone who’s involved in the selling/supply chain that gets your book from your mind into the reader’s hands. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune (though my husband is currently questioning my version of the term “fortune”) but it does require a willingness to think bigger.

    Oooh…I can just FEEL Amber going, “Hey…I think I found another topic for you to do an article on for 1st Turning Point.” (I’m psychic that way. ;-D)

    See what I can do when I have not one but several deadlines? That’s right! I can go post on other people’s blogs, ’cause that’s WAY more fun than work! And I do love Amber’s blog…

    • Amber Scott Project

      You know me so well, Gini. The words–your words–“think big” instantly reminded me of “Think Big. Bigger than that.” Can that be added to your topic list? Hmmm?

      • Le Sigh. Slave driver.

        Sure, sure…um…can you send me what my topic list IS now? I’m awash in Comic-Con Swag and can’t find the email. LOL

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