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Motivational Mondays: Silver Lining

So, readers, how did your treasuring exercise go from last week? Were you able to capture ten minutes every day? What are your results?

Today, we have an exercise in finding the bright side.

The difference between a glass being half full and half empty boils down to choice. How you choose to look at it. We all have our first reaction to the glass, but we don’t always realize we can change that perception. If we want to. Here’s a quick and probably terribly obvious way to create a silver lining in what may be a dark cloud in your day or life:

1. State an event or memory that causes you to feel down or regretful.

While four months pregnant, I got fired from my job for my sales falling below monthly goal for two consecutive months.

2. Allow yourself to feel, really feel the emotion attached to this statement.

Ouch. Ew. Embarrassment. Failure. Shame. It’s in my belly and tightens my throat.

3. Now, flip it around. Do it with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Thank goodness I got fired while I was pregnant because I needed to be on bed rest anyhow since I kept having pre-term labor! I am so glad I didn’t make my sales goals because I hated selling and now will never try that again. Ever! What a relief!

4. Allow yourself to feel the new emotional impact. Allow yourself to see that what are often first seen as failures or mistakes are really just detours on to a better road. Hindsight is 20/20, right?

5. Anchor that new feeling with action.

Write a thank you note to the person who rejected you, who looked down at you, who wronged you. Thank them for the good things that resulted. If you aren’t yet sure what those wonderful things are, predict what they will be.

Dear Roxanne,

Thank you for firing me rather than finding a more suitable position for me in the company. I was able to start an early maternity leave that turned into being a stay home mom and allowed me to fulfill my life long dream of becoming an author. Had you not been so strict and inflexible, I might not have begun writing during my son’s naptimes. I might still be working for you instead. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, right?! Really, I should probably dedicate a book to you.


Amber Scott

:} I gotta say. That felt sooooo good.



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Ok, you must tell me: How do you trick your brain in believing it? I tried things like that soooo many times and my brain/emotions just kept on saying: Nice try, I’m not going to change how I feel just becaue you try to play a word trick on me.

  2. good exercise Amber!

  3. Oh, I like this exercise! I love turning the glass over and filling it up. Now I’ll have to play with this some more and annoy all of my coworkers with my Polly Positive attitude even more. 😉 Great exercise!

    Ann Charles

  4. I love that! And as to last week’s challenge, I found myself changing the visualization from what I thought I should do what I really needed to do, and it’s making a difference. When you presented the challenge I added a reminder in my email, only for the week, but extended it permanently, yesterday! Thank you!

    • Amber Scott Project

      A reminder email! What a good idea. The hardest part is getting in the habit, but as they say, 21 days to make or break one, right? I’m adding a reminder for my ten minutes.

  5. Last week’s visualization was a bit difficult for me – I couldn’t figure out what it was that I really wanted at first, so I asked for guidance on that and got it. Once I had it narrowed down, it was great. 🙂

    • Amber Scott Project

      Ah, yes. An excellent point. Figuring out what it is we really want can be half the battle, can’t it?


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