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My Own Little Mental Vacation

I decided to take a couple weeks off from writing and give Milla, my muse, and, Charles, my internal editor, a vacation in the form of reading a bunch of really great books. I’m reading Erin Kellison‘s Shadow series, every Rachel Gibson I can a hold of, Maggie Stiefvater and more. Amazingly, I’m going through about a book every two days. It feels decadent!

This vacation, along with my latest Motivational Monday exercise, is filling up all the holes doubt and fear and stress kicked through me in the last few months. Holes I wasn’t even aware of.

August will be an exciting month. Not only will I be coming off of my mental vacation all fresh and luminous, but Plot Mamas will launch August 1st. Yay!

The only thing I’m missing is a hot, bare-chested cabana boy bringing me frosty cocktails. Unless, there’s a novel out there starring one.

Is there?

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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