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My Fourth of July Insight

We spent the weekend in San Diego with my Auntie Fe and Uncle Ralph, celebrating with friends and family. The little weekender was so much fun, it felt more like a week away.

Over the course of the weekend, a family friend made an interesting connection.

At age fifteen, on one of my visits with my uncle, we all went out for a movie after dinner. We just went to the theater and picked whatever was showing next.

It was Basic Instinct. Apparently, Sharon Stone’s explicit and acrobatic performance had me totally engrossed. I remember thinking, “Wow, Uncle Ralph must think I’m really grown up!”

In truth, he was swinging between dying from uncle embarrassment and from laughter over my reaction. When my uncle and his friends asked me what I thought of the flick, I said, “That was the best movie I’ve ever seen.”

When our family friend discovered what I write, he concluded, “It’s all because of Basic Instinct!”

Nice. You know, he might be right.

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Kelly Anderson

    Hmmm…and you are blonde with short hair. So my next obvious question is…Have you played out that particular explicit, and acrobatic performance for your hubby? If not, then girl, you need to plan a night and send the kids to a babysitter! Lol…

    I remember going to the drive-in movies and seeing all kinds of interesting things, because you KNOW I wasn’t just watching MY screen. I saw my first naked woman (besides my Mama) and my first sex scene …and man was I wishing for audio! I watched E.T. but when I got bored, I watched far more adult themed movies…all from the roof of our 1976 International SUV.

    My Daddy used to sneak me into any Horror movie ever made and at the age of 3, I was hiding behind the seat in front of me while Jaws scared millions of people out of the oceans. Probably why I now write YA, Erotica and Humorous Romantic that is all paranormal. I love my family moments!! I miss that SUV and I miss my Daddy!

  2. I’ll never forget my first “boobie” movie – Lies My Father Told Me. My dad had taken my sister and me, not expecting to see “those”. I was, maybe, six years old, and thought to myself, “Oooh, Daddy just saw some woman’s boobies!” I was mortified! I remember him telling my sister and me not to tell Mom about it. OK, Dad. You’re secret’s safe with me…

  3. I was constantly being taken to movies I shouldn’t have been in. The culmination was when my mother took me to see the R rated version of the X rated “Flesh Gordon”. Um, yeah, she thought it was Flash Gordon, but anyway…LOL, I was old enough to refuse to leave. Much to my mother’s dismay and (well deserved) embarrassment, I’d never been so riveted to a movie screen.

    My best friend (who was a guy) and I spent the next month “going to the movies” and sneaking in to see “Flesh Gordon” over and over again. It was a real education for us.

    Know what still actually sticks with me from that movie? It was intentionally funny science fiction, with a strong romance element. It was and still is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, even though I can’t quote lines from it in polite company.

    Yeah, I think we thank “Flesh Gordon” for my funny SFR bone. (Yes, yes, pun totally intended. ;-D)

    (Um, Amber, did you realize the memory can of worms you were opening up with this blog post? LOL!)

    • Kelly Anderson

      OMG…that reminded me of “Fritz the Cat”…my daddy took me to the video store and let me pick out whatever I wanted. I was in the right area, but either the brain-dead high school student employee accidentally put it there or had a snicker and did it on purpose…”Fritz the Cat” was in the kiddie section. I was in 6th grade and it was my very 1st pornographic animated cartoon, and my dad never really looked at what I’d picked out.

      I was riveted to the screen when my mother came in and began watching with me. Then went after my father, who was in the garage, like a Comanche Warrior after she riped the VHS out of the machine and sent me to my room! My dad came in later, laughing, and told me that he was sorry about the mix up. To this day, I never got to finish that movie…..darn it!! Lol…

  4. Hmmm.. My parents were very good in keeping me from movies like that, but they should have kept an eye on my grandmother though. She started lending me her books when I was 13 and those were some seriously HOT books I can tell you.


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