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A Day Down Under: Suzanne Brandyn

AS: Ready for some fun Australian style, folks? Awesome! I’m super excited to have you by my blog today, Suzanne. Welcome.

SB: Hi Amber, thank you for having me.

AS: The photos on your website show how gorgeous Australia is. With rugged seaside cliffs and clear, blue ocean waters only minutes away, do you ever find moments where you can’t get inspired to write?

SB:  I have to admit there was a time, a few weeks ago, I suffered writers block. For one week, I wandered around down in the dumps. Lol. My mind was blank and I thought that my writing career was over. I went shopping, and after a few coffees with friends, I found everything settled back into place and I finally I had inspiration to create my heart’s desire, another romance novel. 🙂

AS: In Heat of the Outback, Sarah Munro has a secret in her past. I love a good secret. What can you reveal to us that your readers might be surprised to know about you?

SB: I’m a perfectionist. I have to have the house tidy and clean leaving my mind free to write. I usually do this on a Monday, leaving the rest of the week free for my writing. I’m a very organized person. Too organized some may say. 🙂

AS: You and me both. Mess gets to me. So, next, fill in some blanks for us:

SB: Chocolate is Yucky. It makes me sick.

Happiness is having my man beside me, plus a good book, and another completed manuscript. 🙂

When the going gets tough, I get tougher.

AS: I’m hooked on my iPod. What are three things you cannot write without?

SB: My laptop, my coffee, and mood music.

AS: You additionally enjoy photography. Has this passion ever crossed over into your writing by way of a beautiful snapshot or unique visual point of view?

SB: I have a photographic mind. I see things in pictures, sometimes motion pictures. I can close my eyes and it’s there in a motion picture, which is sometimes scary as I see faces I don’t know. Lol.  Some of my photographs have found their way into my stories.  If a particular photograph inspires a scene, I want to share such beauty with words.

AS: According to your blog, even as a billionaire, you’d keep writing. What is your favorite part of the process?

SB: I’d definitely keep writing. The driving passion inside pushes me forward. My favorite part is inventing characters. They are lifelike, so real to me. I know what shampoo they use. I know them as close as I know my daughter. (and we are very close.):)

AS: Well, though I’m crushed that you don’t love chocolate, I’ll manage through. I suppose that means more for me, right? Suzanne, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions today.

Reader, find Suzanne at her website:

and blog,

and on Facebook under Suzanne Brandyn.

SB: Thank you once again Amber.

AS: My pleasure. Let’s sneak in a blurb for Heat In the Outback, shall we?


Heat In The Outback

By  Suzanne Brandyn

The soaring temperature in the Outback is not the only heat Sarah Munro faces when she returns home for her father’s funeral. She wants to settle his affairs, sell the family’s homestead, Munro Cattle Station, and return to Sydney, and her fiancé, as quickly as possible. Sarah doesn’t want anyone to find out what she’d done in the past. She wants to close this chapter of her life for good. Then there will never be a reason to return to this dusty one horse town. She is wrong!

Ethan Wade, her first love is at the homestead. Ethan claims he owns half of Munro Station. Sarah wants him out! As they try to settle their differences, a raging attraction ignites.

Will Sarah and Ethan find each other again as their past explodes before them?

Click Here to BUY


So, reader, besides Suzanne, who’s your favorite famous Australian?



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

9 responses »

  1. I don’t care for chocolate, either, Suzanne. Caramel, though . . . yum!

    Interesting interview. I feel the same about clutter although you’d never know it by looking at my house. I’d still be writing, too, if I were a billionaire, but you can be sure I’d hire a housekeeper. LOL.

    Heat in the Outback sounds like a great read!

  2. Bronwyn Parry is a fantastic Australia romantic suspense writer- I’d recommend her to everyone!
    Suzanne is a fantastic writer as well and I have really enjoyed reading both her novels.
    Lovely interview ladies, really enjoyed both the questions and answers!

  3. Hi Karlene, and Jacquie,
    Thank you for stopping by Karlene and your kind answers.
    Jacquie, that would be on top on my list, a housekeeper. It’s a perfect solution isn’t it.
    Oh yes, I love caramel. Okay, off to raid the fridge. lol. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Suzanne 🙂

  4. great interview with suz, love her work and i’m ready to buy, yay.
    but suz, i love my choc and will never understand you, lol

  5. Sorry about not following suite ladies lol… but I do love lollies, especially coconut ice, now that is heaven. lol

    I’ve tried to eat chocolate but the taste in my mouth makes me sick and I can’t swallow it. lol…

    Yes, Amber all the more for everyone else. 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by Kerri

  6. Suzanne,

    Your book sounds like a wonderful read for a cool, rainy night here in Seattle, when I’m craving heat.

    Thanks for answering Amber’s fun questions. I enjoyed your answers. I used to be organized (I am a Virgo), but then I had two little kids and started trying to balance a full-time day job and a full-time writing night job. Something had to go, and I’ve grown fond of the little kids who keep hanging on me, so house cleaning now takes a back seat to everything else. If I could just have someone come clean my shower and tub–I detest that task.

    Amber, great interview questions. Very fun!

    Take care,
    Ann Charles

  7. As I’m a country music fan, I would have to say Keith Urban. Heat in the Outback sounds like a good summer read.


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