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Shut Up and Kiss Me…Here!

Today, I’m excited to welcome Shut Up and Kiss Me author, Mysti Holiday. Let’s jump right in to her interview answers!

AS: I often joke that I should include Dora the Explorer in my acknowledgements because she helps me with the kids so well. From one stay home momma to another, what tricks have you learned to squeeze in some writing time?

MH: I’m a homeschooling mom, so my kidlet is always here … but I’m fortunate that she’s older and a little more self-sufficient, so I have blocks of time where she’s doing her own thing.  Also, I’m an early riser, so manage to get quite a bit done before anyone else wakes up (I’m answering this interview in the peace and quiet of a rosy sunrise).  I think the real key is being able to write in short spurts, though.  I spend a lot of time just thinking about what I want to get down, and so when I have a minute I can just get it written without having to agonize over what I want to happen.

AS: You share a website and blog,, with three other writers. How has this helped expand your readership and exposure as an author? Would you say sharing the responsibility as well as the ‘wealth’ helps?

MH: Absolutely!  Kealie, especially, has been fabulous.  She’s a lot more social than I am, so doesn’t mind hanging out on chat loops and making friends.  Plus, sharing blogging duties takes some of the pressure off.  We were determined to post regularly on our blog – with only one person, that’s a little work every day. The way it’s set up now, we each have one day to blog, and then we help with the other days:  a hot hump day photo is my responsibility, Kealie does the hottie on Saturday, and Megan and Kealie work on the interviews for our Monday visitors.

I also think it helps to give a little variety to our readers.  All of us have vastly different personalities and writing styles, so we should appeal to most folks in some way.  Plus it’s just really fun to hang out with the girls.  They’re awesome.

AS: On your blog, you and the other authors have word count goals tracking. Can you give us a sneak peak at your two and what else you have in the works?

MH: I have “Blue Light Special” sitting with my editor at The Wild Rose Press.  Hopefully I’ll have more news on that one soon.  I’m working on another short story with the working title of “For Better or Best”, but it needs a little tweaking.  It’s my first ménage story and also includes some light bondage, so it’s been a bit more challenging to write.  Hopefully that will be done very soon as well.

I’ve written several short, short stories for Whipped Cream Reviews, and a few of them I’d like to expand into something longer – that’s actually what happened with “Blue Light Special”, so I have a few others things to work on when I get the rights back on those.

I can’t imagine ever running out of ideas!

AS: Fill in some blanks for us:

MH: If you can’t say it, then you can’t do it.

To market, to market to buy some deep, dark chocolate.

All pantsing and no plotting makes Mysti want to sob hysterically.

AS: Haha. You and me both on that last one. So, of all the steamy scenes you’ve written so far, have any of them surprised you? Why or why not?

MH: Probably either my self-gratifications scenes (my editor asked if those were going to be a trademark, lol) or the outdoor sex scenes I wrote into “Blue Light Special”.  I had someone I was dating ask me to make up a list of places I’d love to have sex, but probably wouldn’t ever dare … and I’d like to incorporate those into my stories someday.  Nothing wrong with a little voyeuristic pleasure, right?

AS: I appreciate your taking the time to answer these and hang out at my blog, Mysti! And, since you brought it up…readers, care to share a place you’d never dare to go except vicariously in fiction?

Find more from Mysti here:

:}Amber Scott


Shut Up and Kiss Me

by Mysti Holiday

Kasey Davenport and Cole Roberts—adversaries since junior high when Cole did nothing but pull her hair, snap her bra strap, and tease her mercilessly—find themselves unexpectedly thrown together when Kasey is in town on a layover. As always, sparks fly between them, but this time the attraction simmering close to the surface explodes into a passion neither of them expected or wanted.

After years of mutual avoidance and denying their attraction, can Kasey and Cole stop arguing long enough to discover if what they feel will last more than just one night?

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About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hi, Amber! Thanks for having me for a visit today 🙂

    • amberscottproject

      I’m happy to have you! So, I say part of your list on another blog tour stop. Good ones. No elevator yet, huh?

  2. No elevator yet …. and since they have cameras in them now, maybe not ever, lol. 20+ years ago when that list was made, that wasn’t the the way it was!

  3. Elevators have always sounded interesting, but Mysti’s right about cameras everywhere. Our parking deck elevator has a camera.

  4. I enjoyed the interview and look forward in reading Shut Up and Kiss Me; it sounds great.

  5. Sounds like a nice read.
    Hmmm, can’t think of a place I must say.
    An elevator would never be a fantasy of mine though as I’ve been scared of them ever since I got stuck in a very small one together with two elderly women of which one was sitting in a wheelchair. I’ll walk a lot of stairs to avoid an elevator!

    • I’m a bit phobic of older elevators … so, I’ve taken my share of stairs, too. But there are lots of other places on my list, LOL… (that was Tuesday’s blog stop).

      • amberscottproject

        So…instead of a bucket list, you have a f*@# it list? 🙂
        Any spots that don’t have a camera?

  6. You know, hot and steamy goes well in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I’m gonna have to give Shut Up and Kiss me a read. As for where I would never dare to go except in fiction, well I’ve gone, in fiction that is. Out in the desert, during a rain storm, baring it all to the elements. Yeah, that works. My characters, Raphael and Serena, took me there, and I’ve been thanking them ever since!

  7. I enjoyed the post and look forward in reading Shut Up and Kiss Me.

  8. OOPS! I got so excited, I posted twice here.. Sorry!


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