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P.P.I.F.: Who’s Been Touched?

It’s our second official week of Project Pay It Forward and I have my first reader report on Gini Koch’s Touched By An Alien‘s progress out there in the world. This one comes from #2’s first recipient, the lovely and talented, Daphne de Maurier Contest Finalist,  Ann Charles.

Her thoughts so far:

“I want to just escape from everything–work, kids, writing, giving my
online class–and READ Gini’s book. It’s very fun. I love how smart and
witty Katherine is, especially when around Jeff Martini, who just adores
her for her intelligence. I like how she doesn’t lose her cool in the
midst of some mind-blowing admissions and experiences. Will someone
please buy me a ticket to Mexico so I can go sit on a warm beach under a
palapa and read it while eating chips and guacamole and drinking a
Margarita? Please!!!”


Cheers to that! I’ll take mine with salt, on the rocks, please!

:}Amber Scott

P.S. Looks like Kitty’s series will adventure into another three books and I say, let there be far more!Share


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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. I’m beginning to get worried about the book I send out as it still hasn’t arrived and two other packages to the US that were send on the same day have arrived at their destination last monday….. 😦

  2. I’ll take a strawberry margarita!!! 😀

    I’m gonna try and get to the bookstore and buy my copy to send out this weekend.

    This is soooo cool.

    • amberscottproject

      Oh, Yum! Don’t forget to tip our hot cabana boy, ladies! Law school won’t pay for itself.

      • Hmmm…I thought our cabana boy was an A-C. They’re good with the cash, he’d probably prefer to go look at your etchings or something…

  3. Will the cabana boys fan me periodically? No peeled grapes required at this time.

    Hurray on the series! Congrats to Gini, and woo-hoo for us readers.

    Ann Charles

    • Thanks, Ann! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book thus far…and am resisting the author-impulse to ask, “So, um, where, exactly, in the book are you? What line are you on? Oh, heh, yeah…just wait, more’s coming…”

      See? Total self-control being practiced over HERE! ;-D

      • Gini–Just starting chapter 12. This is KILLING me. I want to just zip the kids in a bubble, tell the folks in the online class I’m teaching that I need to go to the teacher’s lounge for a day, and instruct the writing buddy who is working with me on a non-fiction proposal requested by Writer’s Digest to just put all of the proposal “stuff” together without me and I’ll go over the final draft (ha! that would sooo not fly).

        I love that her parents were hiding the truth from her until she was “older”–ha ha ha ha!

        I love what you’ve done with Martini. Out of the gate, he’s not shy about his feelings for Katherine. You’ve used a method to build sexual tension that I’ve rarely seen used and done well, yet have done an excellent job!

        I’m going to go hide in the bathroom and lock out the world!


      • Thanks, Ann! I’m so glad you’re liking everything so far! (Can’t wait for the next update, and am totally resisting saying, “Oh yeah? Well just WAIT ’til you see what happens in Chapter XX.” See? Self. Restraint. LOL)

        Here’s hoping you get some uninterrupted reading time soon! And I do find that locking yourself in the bathroom is very effective. *cough* Not that I’ve ever done that or anything…

  4. Done, done, DONE!!! Thank you, Gini, for a wonderful read. I sent my husband off for the weekend, ignored my children, and buried my head in the book for two late, late nights in a row. It was wonderful, funny, sexy, and fast paced! What a great story. I’m having fun picking who gets it next.

    One of my favorite lines is when Kitty is trying to get Reader to take out the stick bug with the big SUV. He’s reluctant. She says, “You sure or just chicken.” I had to put the book down because I laughed loud and long. It really struck my funny bone.

    The elevator scene in ch. 58–Yeah, HOT HOT HOT! Yummy.

    I had fun with Kitty and look forward to more!

    Ann C.


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