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The Third Rose by Jean Hart Stewart

I’ve been looking forward to having Jean Hart Stewart, author of The Third Rose, by today. We have a common interest: Druids! Let’s get to know her.

AS: Hi, Jean! To start things off, can you fill in some blanks for us?

JS: If I had a million books , I’d read them all. Or die happy trying!

All joy and  no sorrow makes life unrealistic.

If you can’t  convince_them, then try quietly doing what you think is right    .

AS: Your favorite part of writing is the research. What is your least favorite part?

JS: That’s easy, the editing and re-editing until I’m half-way satisfied.

AS: You experienced love at first sight when you met your husband. So tell us, what exactly does love at first sight feel like?

JS: Mine was an absolute certainty I’d met the guy I was going to marry. He says it took him about six weeks and then I didn’t believe him, but that’s another story.

AS: You said Cerridwen Press is a “wonderful home for your babies”. What do you love most about your publishers, including Red Rose Publishing?

JS: At Cerridwen I had a great editor I had with an sly sense of humor. However, both my editors at Red Rose, both primary and final line editors, were exceptional and wonderful to work with. I give them great credit for the polished perfection of The Third Rose.

AS: Tell us something about yourself that might surprise your readers.

JS: I write easily, but am basically shy and seldom say in conversation what I’d really like to convey. Then worry about it until I tell myself to knock it off.

AS: What do you have brewing for us next?

JS: Another historical, called For Love and I are New. It’s got a dark side to it even though the hero and heroine finally conquer their problems. That’s one reason I like to write romance, always a happy ending. I’m also just finishing my seventeenth book, another in the Mage series. It’s called Seducing Simon. I’ll have to find a suitable home for it.

AS: Thanks so much, Jean. It’s a real pleasure. Readers, you can find Jean at her website: and on Facebook, Twitter, & Myspace. She also has four great book videos up at


The Third Rose

When Sara Coverly hides in Lord Wolverton’s bedroom to avenge him for the rape of her friend, she is determined to shoot him so he can never ruin another female. Instead she finds herself wondering if she’s picked the wrong man! Wolf decides he needs a token fiancée to cover his tracks as he searches for a spy, and soon Sara finds herself helping him. And falling deeply in love.

Wolf’s espionage duties bring danger to them both. When he decodes a message threatening the assassination of Wellington at Waterloo, they both set out for Brussels to catch the villain.

Can their growing love endure through war, a desperate villain who is out to stop them, and Wolf’s determination to save Wellington at any cost?

For more or to Purchase, click here.

So, readers, to what extreme ‘ends of the earth’ would you go to for your friend?

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hi, Jean! Congrats on your new release. Whew! 17 books. 🙂 Good for you, and hey, I like druids, too.

    Who did your cover art for The Third Rose?

    • Jacquie, nice to hear from you!. This one isn’t a Druid book though, it’s a straight historical. Well, almost straight. Pretty steamy in spots. Right now it’s my favorite, as I think I said…Nika Dixon did the cover. We worked together quite a while and she came up with wonderful cover.

  2. Nice interview.
    the book sounds like a good read too.

  3. Thanks, Carien… What a pretty name you have. I love this book, hope you to do. Did more research for this than any other book I’ve written…Glad you commented. Jean

  4. Amber, thanks so much for interviewing me. It was lots of fun….and I’ll keep checking back for more comments. Love all the automatic clicks on it and on your website. I’m not that computer savvy but I can admire those who are……Jean

    • amberscottproject

      It’s my pleasure, Jean and thanks for the compliment! I really wanted to get your awesome book videos in there but couldn’t get an imbed code. Hopefully, readers will check out the link!

  5. My favorite type of interview is the kind that, after reading it, you feel as if you know the author as a person. This one did just that. I’ glad I read it.

  6. What a great article and you know when it comes to a true friend you will bend over backwards so to speak to help her. I had such a friend but lost her last year but I was there for her as much as possible and I have no regrets I was. Your time isn’t valuable unless you used it wisely and I never regretted giving her my time to be near her. susan L.


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