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Blood Soup for Cinco de Mayo!

Today I’m happy to welcome Kelly A. Harmon, author of Blood Soup, one delicious read.

Hi Kelly! I have to say, I love the title the excerpt for Blood Soup really lives up to it. Thanks for coming today.

Hi Amber!  Thanks for having me!

AS: Like many of us authors, you have a serious book collection. In your recent purge, what was the hardest book to give away? Of the eight you recently bought, which one are you most looking forward to reading?

KH: They’re all hard to give away!  But probably the worst was Jenny Nimmo’s Midnight for Charlie Bone.  I’ve already re-bought it, and re-read it.

As for new purchases:  I’m looking forward to Lynn Flewelling’s The White Road.

AS: On your project fill in the blanks, how do you go about selecting the next title from such an extensive list?

KH: It’s a matter of what’s available at the time.  I carry the list with me everywhere I go, and I check the bookshelves whenever I stop in at book store or the library.  It’s very interesting to me (and sad) the number of relatively new books on my list which are gone from bookstore shelves.  It’s also very interesting the number of classics showing up in the bookstores.  I can only think it must be a cash cow for publishers.

At some point, I’ll be special ordering items on the list.

AS: What’s your all time favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy movie? Why?

KH: I can hear the groans already from the fantasy/Sci-Fi masses out there as I answer:  Ladyhawke with  Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick .  It’s the only movie that I actually own a copy of.

What’s not to love about it? A handsome knight, his beautiful lady, a wicked curse and a phophesy which sets them free.  It’s the quintessential fantasy, with a great love story to boot. What’s memorable about the movie is the character development: the relationship which evolves between Philippe, Captain Etienne of Navarre  and Isabeau d’Anjou is well done; it’s believable.  Navarre and Isabeau’s love for each other is a near tangible thing.

It doesn’t hurt that the movie was filmed in Italy, making it visually appealing. I love that they used real castles while filming instead of using sets.

AS: Fill in some blanks for us:

KH: Be the __PERSON______ you want to see in ___TO SEE IN THE MIRROR__________.

I’ve always believed that any goal is attainable if one puts one’s mind to it. Part of attaining that “something” is living the role, striving for it, presenting yourself as what you want to be. If you’re not presenting yourself as a successful candidate for the role, you may not be successful.  So…do it, live it, be it– in order to obtain it.

Happiness is ____MADE, NOT EARNED, BY YOU________________.

Some people wait their entire lives for happiness to fall into their laps. You can’t wait.

You’ve got to make your own joy.

To ____BELCH_______ is ____TO FIND RELIEF_________.

(I had to include one silly something here, right?)

AS: My iPod and tiara have gotten me through some pretty bleak pages. What is one writing tool/trick you cannot live without?

KH: Search and replace.  It sounds so simple, but it saves me from repeating my favorite words too many times.  And, by searching for “ly,” I can eradicate most adverbs from the prose (although I’m getting pretty good at not writing them in these days.)

I used to use an awesome program called, “Write Righter” which analyzed your prose and scored it against several “fog” indexes – methods of judging the prose as to how difficult it is to read.  That was a lot of fun…but the best part of the program was that it generated a list of all words used in the document and how many times you used them.  You could see at a glance that you’ve used the word, “thrust” for example, way too often in the sword fight you’re writing.

Sadly, the program is years out of date and I can’t find a version to run on my PC.

AS: I appreciate your taking the time to stop by my weblog today, Kelly. By the way, I too love Ladyhawke! It’s so medieval.

Readers, you can find more Kelly at her website and on twitter (@kellyaharmon)! For a taste of Blood Soup, click here. Or to purchase, click here.

Authors, what word do you often repeat in your writing?

:}Amber Scott



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Hi Amber!

    Thanks for having me here today. Answering your questions was a lot of fun.

    • amberscottproject

      I’m so glad they were! I really enjoyed your website.
      So. What stories do you have brewing for us next, Kelly?

      • Hi Amber

        I’m between projects at the moment, but I have several in the hopper.

        If you like dragon stories, my story The Dragon’s Clause is now available on Kindle (or html). Details on my blog, of course. This is a story about what happens when you renege on a deal with a dragon.

        In May, my story Selk-Skin Deep appears in the Bad @ss Fairies 3 Anthology: In All Their Glory. Cade Owen is a selke–and a Navy SEAL. He’s been assigned aboard an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin.

        Later this year, my story, “Lucky Clover” will appear in the anthology “Trafficking in Magic.” It’s all about what happens when you wish bad things on a four-leafed clover.

        I’ve a non-fiction chapter in the book, “How to Write Paranormal” about forming critique groups and how to give a good critique coming out later this year, too.

        If I’m lucky, the other stories I have circulating will find homes this year, too.

      • amberscottproject

        Best of luck in your submissions! You have a great voice!!

  2. I enjoyed reading the post…looking forward to checking out Blood Soup.

  3. Hi Anna

    Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Just had time to get over here now, and I’m glad I did! Great interview (love that belch line, LOL)! Do share the Ladyhawke love, but the soundtrack is awful now. It was awesome ‘in the day’ but now it’s very dated to me. I’d love to find a way to strip it out and just enjoy the movie without it.

    And I’m impressed…you can actually give books away? And there’s not, like, a gun at your head? Wow. I could give another copy away, but not my ONLY copy. Of, pretty much, anything.

    Oh, and as for repeated words in my deathless prose: “that” and “just” are probably my two best beloveds. But I note that in each book, there is a word or two that I just attach to and somehow, said word is everywhere. It’s usually a word that stands out, too — like perpendicular. If I attach to it, you’ll see it everywhere.

    Well, rather, you won’t. My beta readers and I will ensure you don’t. But boy, will they enjoy highlighting my newest ‘darling which must die’ for me. ;-D

    • Hi Gini

      Thanks for dropping in. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

      I agree that the Ladyhawke sound track is dated…but that didn’t stop me from putting it on my Ipod! (In honor of you, I’m playing it right now…) 🙂

      As for getting rid of books…I can usually part with the ones which I felt were so-so or am fairly certain I won’t read again. (Charlie Bone made that pile by mistake!)

      I picked up a new trick for repetitive words we know we use over and over (I wish I could remember the author who said this, I’d give credit…) He suggests that you edit the auto-correct in your word processing program so that when you type “just” (for instance) it replaces it with “NO! NO! NO!”

      I NO! NO! NO! love that idea! 😉


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