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What’s a P.P.I.F.?

Well folks, Urban Fantasy Friday was a bust. Three topics in and not much response has nudged me into a new idea for Fridays here. Laugh and learn though, right? My apologies to the five readers who were clearly fans. But, the good news is, you may like this new idea far more!

Okay. P.P.I.F. stands for Project Pay It Forward, as in the Amber Scott Project, me, I pay it forward. ‘It’ being, a book. But not just any book.

The idea struck me as I was devouring Touched By An Alien by Gini Koch. This gem is already at 49 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list for a reason! Seriously, go now. Buy! You will dig it.

When you become an author, the more you learn, the less you are, sadly, able to tolerate some of your once favorite authors work. Maybe it means your skills have developed and that’s good. Maybe it means seeing the puppet strings ruins the show. But the rare wonder is when a book not only enthralls me, but I actually learn about my own voice and writing from it. This happened for me with Touched By An Alien.

I am a better writer for reading it.

Also, as I was drooling over Martini and all the other hunks in it, I found myself thinking of at least five women who I know would DIG this book. My synapses fired and P.P.I.F. was born. As a way to thank Gini Koch for such a smart, funny and entertaining read, I will pay her book forward to three smart, funny women. They in turn will be asked to do the same. Each book will be sent off into the world with a note attached explaining the project, and a blessing to make it back to me.

My goal is to have the book reach five readers who each sign or note their experience, be it good or bad, then have the fifth return the books to me. As the books travel, I will share their journeys here on this blog and each reader will be encouraged to contact me to add to the post. Super fun, right? I’m starting off with a goal of five to see how it goes but in my big dreams, we get the book into big, influential and far-reaching hands. What a cool thank you gift will it be to give Gini these books and she can see how far her dreams on paper got in the world?

As we go along, we’ll adjust. We’ll send new books out. We’ll keep it entertaining. And we’ll see how far forward I can pay each gift each author gave me in putting time, sweat, tears, blood, coffee and youthful years of her life onto a page.

So, that’s it. My little big blog idea. Whatcha think???

:}Amber Scott



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Fun idea and good Karma to boot! I am starting the book today, and I already have someone to pass it on to! Updates to come…

    Thanks Amber!

  2. Well *I* think it’s the most awesome idea ever in the history of the world! Though I may be a tad biased…

    Seriously, Amber, it’s an awesome idea and thank you SO much for choosing “Touched by an Alien” to be the book that launches this. I’m all teary-eyed over your compliments. *sniff* The folks in the Alien Collective totally rock at all times, don’t they?

    Speaking of which, off to let the rest of them know about this wicked cool plan of yours!

    • amberscottproject

      Why, thank you, Gini! It means the world to me that you like it. Seriously, as I was reading Touched By An Alien, I thought, now THIS is how it’s done. It was the least painful writing growth spurt I’ve ever had. I’m so excited to see what happens with this project. Hopefully, it will help the time fly til Alien Tango is in my greedy hands.

  3. Sounds like a cool idea.
    The only thing that I think might botch the plan is people liking the book so much they don’t want to send it on. I know I’m already missing my copy and I just lend it to a friend who will return it to me.

    • amberscottproject

      While I’m hoping the pay it forward idea will win out, I suppose a reader unwilling to part with the book is still a compliment.

      • True! Hmmm… I might join with sending one copy out into the world, but that won’t be my precious copy, so better find another one somewhere.

      • amberscottproject

        I know what you mean by precious. My signed copy got a cover bend. Nooooo! I may have to get a fresh one and a new signature now then lock it down in a glass display case with child alarms.

      • LOL. I’ll sign any you want, however many you want. I’m easy that way. ;-D

  4. OMG, this is totally an epic idea. I can’t wait to keep up on where’s it’s been and where it’s going.

    I’m with Carien tho, I couldn’t bare to part with my copy for even a second. Maybe I’ll have to buy a second one for the shipping around deal. 😀

    Totally awesome. (I might be a bit biased to as I’m famous by association.. *snicker*)

    • amberscottproject

      Thanks so much! I know what you mean on letting go. I have three copies and still am having a hard time letting them go! My hope is that by addressing this in the letter attached the the book, readers will keep the book going forward. We’ll see, though!

  5. I that that sounds like a great plan. Excellent way to share a good story with others.

  6. I’m in! I have two copies, which I am planning to have signed at the meeting on Tuesday and while I absolutely refuse to relinquish one…the other I will send out into the wild and see what happens. I love the idea! Awesome…

    • amberscottproject

      Awesome! So, I’m adhering a folded typed letter explaining the ‘rules’ and asking each recipient to either read it, love it and pass it on, but to pass it on regardless and come by here to share where the book is at and how they liked it. If you did the same, it could almost be like a race, with Gini getting the trophy at the end!

  7. I love, love, LOVE this idea, Amber. You have the absolute best ideas, I swear. Every day, I thank my lucky stars you and I were chosen to pair up in that fateful marketing class.

    I want to play! Please please please. I promise to move Gini’s book to the top of my to-read pile. Tell me how to play. I love paying it forward. It’s such a great feeling to help out others!

    Ann Charles

    • amberscottproject

      Spoiler alert! You are actually among my three launch candidates so it’ll be in your hands shortly! :}

  8. Amber, what a terrific idea! I don’t know how you keep coming up with all these ideas. 🙂 And the ones that didn’t pan out, well, maybe it just wasn’t their time, so I wouldn’t say this worked and that didn’t. More that this is what does or doesn’t work now.

    Grassroots campaigns are always the most successful, though. That’s where you build solid, loyal support.

    Kudos to you, Amber! And congrats to Gini for writing such a wonderful book that it inspired you in both the writing and promotion arenas. That’s some book!

    • amberscottproject

      Thanks, Jacquie! I kinda think a lot of us have these types of ideas and I’m just crazy enough to act on it. When I first thought of it, my second thought was, geek! But then, I’ve learned to embrace my inner geek. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jacquie! Amber’s the total idea girl, isn’t she? I’m pretty jazzed that she picked “Touched by an Alien” to launch this great idea, too.

      And, Amber? Geeks of the world UNITE! We ARE the cool kids and we certainly have the best ideas!


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