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Motivational Monday: Book Baby Health

Whether you’re book feeding or class feeding your writing career baby, overall health and growth is a concern for any parent. You may fear your book baby hasn’t gained enough weight for it’s age or isn’t hitting the correct milestones at the correct point in time. We all put parenting pressure on ourselves.

I recommend creating and maintaining a open, trust based relationship with a critique partner as well as a supportive writing group. These two relationships will become more than a resource for your book baby, they will be a resource for you as well.

Critique partner:

Regular, consistent check-ups are opportunities to ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Every critique partner should expect and welcome any and all new parenting, even experienced book parenting questions. But, where can a book parent find a reliable critique partner? While there are plenty of searches you can do online, I find a recommendation is a great way to connect. Where can you get a recommendation? From other book parents.

Writing groups:

Once you become a book parent, suddenly your non-writing friends, while eager and loving, might have a difficult time identifying with problems that inevitably arise. Nothing will help you through the bumps along the book parenting road. Being supported by other parents who know what you’re experiencing and most importantly are there to help, can ease every growing pain.

As Ann Charles has often told me, “It takes a village to raise a book.” You don’t have to be in this alone! Trust me, the things that are making you cry can be turned around into laughter with the support of other writers and a good critique partner.

:} Amber Scott



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Donna Del Grosso

    Hey Amber-
    Another great blog! Ann Charles is right, isn’t she? You would think that writing is a solitary sport and that the best ideas come from the writer herself. That’ can be true… but not all the time! My ms is better for having listened to somebody else’s take on what I’d been writing.
    Embrace the help!

  2. 1stturningpoint

    Hi Amber,

    Ann Charles is crazy! 😉

    I love the idea of hooking up with other book parents. In truth, I have to have a community around me to succeed with each baby step. If it weren’t for my “village” (especially the other book parents), I might have given up by now. Having others there to pick me up and dust me off has saved my career time and again. And since I hooked up with you, I smile a lot more with every rejection.

    You rock!
    Ann Charles


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