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Urban Fantasy Friday: The Kickass Heroine

Last night, I watched New Moon last night for the fifth of many hundred times to come and fell in love all over again. The tension, the torture. Love every moment of it. Of course, the Twilight saga is paranormal. When it comes to urban fantasy, a key ingredient is a heroine who kicks some ass and takes some names.

The question I often wonder: Is Bella technically a bit of a waif that over the course of the four book series becomes bad ass? Is she ever technically bad ass?  She isn’t a passive heroine by any means but even in New Moon as she dabbles in recklessness, is it enough to call her kickass?

When I think of a kickass urban fantasy type heroine, I think more of a heroine like Celine in Underworld. Interestingly enough, Sadie Graves, my heroine in Fierce Dawn, is a bit like both. Hmmm.

Let me know what you think. What makes a badass heroine, badass?

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  1. A badass heroine doesn’t wait for a hero to come save her. She saves herself. She may get the crap beat out of her in the process and almost keel over, but somehow, she saves herself and walks, limps, or crawls away. I think the hero can help, but he can’t save the day. He has to share that honor with her.

    Great question! And I’m looking forward to seeing New Moon.
    Ann C.


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