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Guest Author: Gini Koch, Touched By An Alien

Today, it is my supreme pleasure to welcome Gini Koch, author of Touched By An Alien, out April 6th! Let’s dive right in:

AS: So, Gini. You’re a HUGE Aerosmith fan. What are your five can’t live without Aerosmith tunes and which one features Tom, or another hunk, ‘on scene’?

GK: OMG, I can only pick 5 songs, not 5 albums? I thought you liked me! That’s like asking me to choose the hottest hunk out of my wide range of choices, or favorite books or movies. You’re so cruel…

Being forced into it, I have to go with: Dude (Looks Like a Lady); Jaded; Angel; Love in an Elevator; and Back in the Saddle.

I’m already feeling guilty about not choosing so many others. If you’re willing to take albums, while still hard, I go with: Toys in the Attic; Nine Lives; Rocks; Get a Grip; Just Push Play

This was still harder than I thought and I changed my mind three times. Every song and every album are great. (Yes, I adore this band. Always have, always will.)

As for which of the hunks would make it ‘on scene’, it would depend more on what I was writing at the time than anything else. If I’m just listening to Aerosmith without actually writing at the time, the hunks that come to mind are Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

However, I can see any hunk at any time when listening to “Pink”, “Angel”, “Lord of the Thighs”, “Flesh” or “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. (Note the smooth way I got four more songs mentioned? Yep, I’m good.)

AS: The Complete Book of Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski is one of your faves. What about it makes it “the book to get”? What has screenwriting, if anything, taught you about novel writing?

GK: I love it because it’s the most enjoyable, interesting and entertaining how to/educational book I’ve ever read. You just want to keep on reading it and the heck with that screenplay you were trying to write, you have to keep on turning the pages. And it WILL teach you how to write a screenplay or teleplay.

Screenwriting strips away all the fluff, so you really have to focus on what moves the story forward. I find it helps me to avoid scenes that go nowhere, and allows me to cut them without pain (well, without too MUCH pain). It also helps when editing to lower word count — “do I need it?” becomes easier to ask when you have only so many minutes/pages you’re allowed.

AS: What’s the most difficult obstacle you’ve overcome in your writing career so far?

Interestingly enough (to me, at least), it’s probably not what you’d expect. For me, the toughest thing to deal with is other people’s lack of patience.

This is a slow business and I’m very sanguine about it, how long it takes to sell, to find an agent, to get your book on the shelves, etc. Others aren’t so casual about it, and while I know they ask out of love and interest, it throws off my Zen when someone’s asking me if I’ve “heard anything yet” when I know nothing will be heard for weeks, and so on.

Not allowing someone else’s impatience to affect me was, is, and may remain the toughest thing I deal with, especially because every person so asking loves me in some way and it’s not as if I don’t want them to care any more.

Not to say that everything else was an easy trot through the hurdles, but I expected every other obstacle when I made the decision to go for publication, because I’d researched the publishing business, so it’s hard for me to whine about facts of business life. (I’m capable of it, of course, but try to do it as little as possible.)

AS: Fill in some blanks for us:

When in doubt: just do it, sit your butt in the chair and write, take ten seconds of boldness and introduce yourself or make a submission, go for it.

Chocolate is: awesome (but still not better than sex)

When he: begins to rock, baby, I begin to roll. (Waves to any Social Distortion fans out there. Yeah, I like everything when it comes to music.)

Sarcasm is: just one of the many services I offer on a daily basis. (Had to go with truth in advertising on this one, sorry for the bumper-sticker answer.)

AS: “Marketing manager Katherine “Kitty” Katt joins forces with gorgeous aliens from Alpha Centauri to protect the Earth, kick evil alien butt, and save the day with hairspray and rock and roll – not necessarily in that order.” So…what would Kitty do:

To get back at an old flame?

Kitty goes by the adage that living well is the best revenge. Of course dating an alien super-hunk who’s also a super-stud doesn’t hurt, either. (She actually does get back at an old flame in Book 2 of this series, “Alien Tango”. I’d tell you about it, but you’ll just have to wait for December. *insert wicked laugh*)

If she were out of cash and needed some NOW?

The aliens Kitty hangs with are never out of cash. Besides, isn’t that what credit cards are for?

If the world was ending tomorrow?

For Kitty, the world is truly always at risk for ending tomorrow and she’s a ‘never say die’ kind of girl. She’d do what she does best — use whatever’s at her disposal, no matter how unlikely, to help her fake it until it works and she can save the day and ensure the world does NOT end tomorrow.

AS: Awesome answers Gini! Thanks so much for hanging out.

Now, a couple questions for readers:

Rolling Stones or Aerosmith? Why or why not?

All time hunkiest hunk?

Find Gini at her website, and be sure to pre-order Touched By An Alien today!


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  1. Rolling Stones rule! There are the Stones and then everyone else. At least the vote wasn’t between the Stones and those wimpy Beatles that made their rep on 12-year-old girls. I’d put Aerosmith third, behind Seger…

    Hunkiest guy? Isn’t that sexist? How about hottest babe? That’s a contest I could vote in. (If my wife didn’t find out…)

    • We’ll let you vote on hottest hottie, Les, go for it!

      But, we’ll have to have some words, dude, about you talking the Stones over America’s Gods of Rock. Since it’s you, I guess I’ll let it slide.

      But, while I love him, really, Seger higher than Aerosmith? Really? Les, Les, Les…

  2. I love the Rolling Stones music. I can’t hear Paint it Black without getting the chills and Moonlight Mile gets me teary eyed… but all the members are starting to resemble Skeletor!
    Joe Perry has had the grace to stay out of the spotlight, so as to keep his hunky voice untainted by the toll the party lifestyle has taken – on his face.
    I love Aerosmith too, but again with the Skeletor images…
    It is obviously too much to expect my childhood hunks to stay hunky – after all, Bobby Brown is on Celebrity Fit Club!

    • Holly, Holly, you make me sad. I mean, I love the Stones, too, but over Aerosmith? (Oh well, more for me.) I do agree on the Skeletor comparisons, though, wholeheartedly.

      Joe Perry has the grace to take his shirt off at every concert, which is merely one reason why I love him. (He and Jon Bon Jovi know what their female fans want.) And Steven Tyler’s always been thin. He just has charisma…bags and bags of charisma…

      The less said about what’s happened to Bobby Brown since he hit the scene the better, though. (Is it wrong to admit I’ve always preferred his music to Whitney’s?)

      Though, honestly, it’s more painful to me to see what time has done to Brett Michaels and Axle Rose.

      • amberscottproject

        Holly, I agree. Paint it Black is stellar but nothing rips my heart open like What It Takes. No?
        Les, Forgive my sexism. Who is your hottest hottie of all time? No fair saying Angelina, though! Everyone says Angelina. She’s a given. Am I right?

  3. Aerosmith, because I like every one of their songs. The Stones? Maybe a fourth. But I totally respect Mick Jagger’s business acumen and am in awe of the Stones’ continued success.

    Hunk? It changes daily, depending on what story I’m working on.

    Poor Les.


  4. Oh, Kitty would vote for Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Then she’d quickly have to add on Jeff Martini and James Reader (from “Touched by an Alien”). Then, probably Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, D.B. Woodside, James Marsters, and Daniel Henney. Oh, and Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck and Liev Schreiber. (Yes, there’s a high number of guys who were in “Wolverine”. So sue her.)

    Once those floodgates were opened, Kitty would just keep on listing. As with her musical tastes, Kitty’s got a wide range of what she thinks of as hunky. She could, and would, go on all day and into the night with the list. I’m sure I can’t relate to that at all. (Wow, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.)

    But, first and foremost, Kitty’s heart belongs to Aerosmith, so Tyler and Perry would still manage to win out. Particularly as a packaged set.

  5. Great interview!
    As for my answers:
    Aerosmith without a doubt!
    And hunkiest hunk that’s not my partner:
    hmmm… difficult… The actors and singers I really thought were hunky in the past are getting older, but I’ll still mention them:
    Jeremy Irons (especially in Die Hard with a Vengeance), Gabriel Byrne, Teufel (Leadsinger of Tanzwut) and Liam Neeson.

    • Now we’re talking! Aerosmith rules! *pumps fist in air*

      Nice choices, too, on the hunk-o-meter. (Is it wrong for me to admit that the movie I’m most waiting for is the A-Team remake, in part because of how perfect Liam looks as Hannibal?)

  6. Donna Del Grosso

    Nice interview. It’s so nice to hear from someone who has spunk, sarcasm… the works I wish I could do it as well =)
    PS- ….. Aerosmith, of course! My Hero listens to them all the time!!!!!
    BTW- I’m late for class

  7. Rolling Stones or Aerosmith?
    Aerosmith all the way. Love Steven Tyler’s pipes.

    All time hunkiest hunk?
    Gotta go with Hugh Jackman, a song and dance man/Wolverine hunky hunk. Shouldn’t that elevate him to some kind of renaissance man status?

    Great interview! Love that Kitty saves the day with hairspray and rock n’ roll! 🙂

    • amberscottproject

      Hugh IS hugely hunky! And he seems genuinely nice, too. Love that in a Wolverine.

    • Another brilliant and discerning woman. Amber has awesome web visitors! Hugh is definitely on the All Time Hunk List and no one compares to Steven Tyler, screaming OR crooning.

      Thanks for the kudos. Kitty’s motto is to just do what you can with what you have and fake it ’til it works. ;-D

  8. Hi Gini and Amber!


    Amen, sister. I swear I’m asked by friends or family once a week if I’ve either 1) talked to my agent lately; or 2) heard anything about my book getting published. I love these folks, but do they really think if I received ‘the call’ they wouldn’t hear me yelling about it from the top of Mt. High??? 🙂 Patience. They are all learning patience with me.

    Great interview, you two. It was fun to read and great to get a sense of your wicked and fun sarcasm, Gini. Amber, I always love your questions!

    Aerosmith or Rolling Stones? (Holly, you made me laugh out loud with the Skeletor comment. Oh, and Les, I love Seger, too!). This is tough. I’m big fan of the older songs from both. But Joe Perry has always rated high on my ‘sexy’ meter, so I have to go with him and Aerosmith.

    Thanks for a fun break in my day!
    Ann Charles

    • Ann, it’s so nice to hear it happens to other people, too! I’m so with you on the whole, “when something exciting happens, believe me, I’ll be screaming it to you” thing. But they do it out of love. (Right? Right? Not to drive us crazy…right?)

      Glad you liked the interview — Amber’s questions were great and really fun to answer.

      And any woman who chooses Aerosmith because of how Joe Perry is, is a woman after my own heart!

  9. Better late than never…

    Aerosmith… always.

    And I can’t name just one hot guy… but the two that came to mind first were James McAvoy and Ryan Reynolds!! (yummy)


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