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Hump Day Updates

Remember back when hump was the funniest, naughtiest word ever?

Now I get to type it every other Wednesday and more as I fill you all in on my progress. Here’s the latest:

1. I spelled an agent’s name wrong in a query, a cardinal sin in publishing. Ahhhhh!!!! Fliggle, flapple, ack! Does it help that I owned up to my mistake and sent her an apology? Humble pie in this novel writing life is great with whipped cream!

2. The hugely generous Gini Koch, author of Touched By An Alien, is sharing her insights in a free pitch class for the members of Desert Rose RWA with the help of Helen King, our chapter PRO liaison. I don’t know where I’d be without all these amazing mentors. So far, I’ve learned that Fierce Dawn is True Blood crossed with X-Men and that my heroine uses her developing supernatural powers, seduction and wits to overcome obstacles.

3. JA Konrath will be my next “Industry Compass” interviewee and the 5 question promotion related installment with appear April 13th on 1st Turning Point. (I’m still pinching myself over this one.)

4. Read an Ebook Week was a giant success at Smashwords. If anyone missed their free download of Play Fling, email me for your coupon code.

5. My husband left for work yesterday saying, “See you later alligator, after a while crocodiles.” My daughter hollered, “Later snakes!” Kids are the BEST!

6. I hooked Immortal Realmers to Facebook and Twitter so updates will go to both. Plus, members can do it, too.

7. Tonight I join 1st Turning Point crew members on PIVTR to discuss internet promotion. Norman Wilson, Ann Charles, Jacquie Rogers and more will share their ideas and experiences.

8. I queried an editor and four agents last week, too. WooHoo!!

Stay tuned!

:}Amber Scott


About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. #1 – been there with an editor’s name. Bad feeling, but at least you acknowledged it. I wrote and apologized, too. Still turned me down, but at least it was a nice and helpful rejection. 😉
    # 2 – sounds great.
    # 3 & 4 – CONGRATULATIONS!
    # 5 – LOL, too cute! She’s obviously got her mother’s intelligence and sense of humor.
    #6 – Cool.
    #7 – ditto.
    #8 – Congrats, and good luck. 🙂


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