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Urban Fantasy Friday: Worldbuilding

Thank God it’s Urban Fantasy Friday, the new weekly segment I most look forward to. Each week, I’ll extrapolate on topics like world building, attack important questions like to glitter or not to glitter, and learn and share all about my favorite new genre to write in.
Today, a little about my world building in the series which begins with Fierce Dawn. A fellow writer asked me what inspired my three realm premise wherein the world is separated into the human domain, the soul domain and the immortal domain. Well, the short version is I am a big metaphysical and spirituality fan. The idea sprang from the idea of maya of Hinduism that basically means we humans live behind a veil of delusions. This combined with reading about how a particle or wave only becomes such when the viewer decides it is a particle or wave but, beforehand, is nothing more than pure potential.
Potential! What a gorgeous word.
I thought, “what if all of our similar, collective myths were our human interpretation of a true, parallel existence that was immortal?”
Hence, a vampire-esque Feeder was born. Then the angel/demon winged Seeker. Next, the elementals soon followed. And on it built up to and including the conspiracy to annihilate the human realm some see as parasitic.
I think of it as Twilight meets X-Men meets Matrix with a steampunk flavor thrown in. Why steampunk? Because if immortals are the advanced creatures, they’ll have figured out how to have lots of uber cool contraptions like a flying motorcyle steam run in a way that is eco-friendly. Plus being in touch with a higher understanding of physics and energy, a thing like a compass can do far more magical stuff.
If it were your world, what magic thing would you include? Why?

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