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Read An E-book Week Is Here!

Ebook Week!

The thing about technology and us book lovers is, going digital is an enormous leap for us. We didn’t have the nice, easy paced comfort of graduating from one improvement to the next like with our music. There has been no 8-track, no cassette or CD to balk over then reluctantly assimilate our tastes to. We’re basically going from LP’s straight to iTunes.

But we love our paper books. We love the smell of the pages, the gloss of the cover, even the ads for other authors in the back. We know every bend and crease. We line our shelves with our collection.

The good news is, e-reader manufacturers are beginning to get this. Take Barnes and Nobles’ Nook. When I purchase my Nook, I can also get a snazzy Kate Spade cover for it to make it my very own. Plus, I’ll be able to listen to music on it, too!

Testing change is so much easier when you have nothing to lose, like your cash. More good news!! If you’ve yet to try reading an ebook, March 7th-13th is the week to get your feet e-wet.

This week, Play Fling, joins the many ebooks available for free download on, one of many publishers participating.

Please come by, click here to go download my, or another author’s, dreams on virtual paper, and see for yourself. Then let us know!

:}Amber Scott

Face Your Target…

Brooke Munkle didn’t leave a lukewarm marriage just to flounce into the next warm bed. She is focused on re-creating her life and too young, too hot, Elliott Jovovich has no business distracting her. If only he’d get out of her head. If only she didn’t feel so old and boring. Maybe if she keeps things simple, she can allow herself this one indulgence. Who would ever find out?

Pull The String…

Elliott Jovovich sees through Brooke’s stiff facade. Underneath her struggle to hold it all together, a vibrant woman is waiting to be freed. He tells himself it’s not the chase but the reward he’s after. To win her heart, he’ll even play by her rules, which would be a helluva lot easier if her hostile best friend didn’t fight so dirty.

Steady. Aim. Release…

Playing cupid wouldn’t be punishment if it were easy. The sneaking around, the spying, compatibility issues, blind chemistry. Brooke keeping secrets. Elliott constantly getting in the way. If she doesn’t match her first best friend in two lifetimes with true love fast, Millie’s partner will be reassigned and he’s all she’s got in this life sentence to fight for.



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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