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Kate Sterling…Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs?

I’m tickled pink to have Kate Sterling here today, one of my dear writing friends. In fact, today, we’re tag teaming! She’s here and I’m at her blog, too.

Welcome and thank you for interviewing with Amber Scott Project, Kate! So…

AS: How was the idea for Managing Maggie born?

KS:  A couple of years ago, I saw that Ellora’s Cave was soliciting stories featuring older women and younger men to be submitted by a certain deadline. I was inspired by a couple of good friends who are pretty hot cougars themselves, so decided to try write something in honor of them.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I missed that deadline, but I didn’t forget Maggie and Jason, and finally decided they deserved to have their story told. I was so happy when Cobblestone decided to give them their chance.

AS: If it were up to you, what actors would play these characters on the big screen and why?

KS: Oh, definitely Matthew McConaughey for Jason. When I wrote this story, Jason was always in my mind as a combination of Matthew McConaughey and a certain younger, sexy man who shall remain nameless because I used to work with him, LOL.  But if you’ve seen some of those hot photos of Matthew in shape and topless at the beach, you’ve got Jason. And Maggie is this fabulous, beautiful, mature woman of timeless beauty along the lines of Andie McDowell or Demi Moore.

AS: If you had a magical writing wand, what would you wave it over and to change what?

KS: Oh, my!  If I had a magic wand that worked, I’d have carpal tunnel from waving it so much! I think I’d wave it over my own hand to make it write faster. I’m usually so tired from working a demanding, full time job and raising a teenager by myself that I often lack the energy to think, let alone write as much as I’d like.  I also have a number of works-in-progress on my computer that I wish I could “poof” into completed works – sans errors, and with fabulously drawn characters and rich plots. J

AS: What have you loved most about your experience with Cobblestone Press?

KS:  I don’t think I could pick just one thing. They’ve been really great.  They are professional, courteous, and really put a lot of thought into how to produce the best products and promote their authors. My editor, Leanne, was wonderful. I can edit another’s work with no problem,  but to edit my own is impossible. Leanne caught my errors, and gave suggestions for improvement that were tremendously helpful. Their art department is great, too, and one of the best for e-books, in my humble opinion.  In fact, you can vote (click here) for the best February cover (my book is on the second page, and the last time I looked, it was winning): J

I love how the artist worked pink fuzzy handcuffs into the cover because they play a pivotal role in Maggie and Jason’s relationship. I had mentioned this when she asked what I’d like to see on the cover, and she exceeded my expectations.

AS: My guilty pleasure lately has been American Idol. What is your favorite guilty pleasure that helps procrastinate writing related tasks?

KS: Oh, dear. So many… I think cable movies and series on demand have been putting a real crimp in things lately. Especially Doctor Who reruns and Big Love on HBO. (Hangs head in shame.) J

AS: Being an erotica writer, what is the most common misconception you run into about the genre?

KS: Mainly that it’s trash with no real story. The few of my coworkers who know about it call it my “porn.”  But I’ve been quick to mention the woman who once told me that books like mine help keep her marriage alive after 20-some years, so it obviously has some societal value, lol.  But seriously, I think most people don’t realize that these are stories about people falling in love and discovering who they are as individuals and as a couple, and their sexual experience is a part of that, just as it is for all of us.

To buy Managing Maggie click here.

KS: Thanks for having me, Amber!  I also want to mention that anyone who comments here or on my blog today will be entered to win a copy of Managing Maggie. Commenting on both sites will double your entries. (If you don’t wish to be entered, just send an email to to let me know. Thanks!)

AS: My pleasure! I’m at Kate’s blog today, too. Please pop in there and say hello!


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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Thanks for having me, Amber! 🙂

  2. What a great interview, Kate. I wish you all the success in the world!

  3. Thanks, Devin! 🙂

    Amber, I have 3 things in the works right now – one shorter story is finished and I’m just polishing it up. It’s a bit of fractured fairy tale. Not sure if I’m going to submit that one to Cobblestone, or if I’ll go the smashwords/kindle route with it. 🙂

    I also have a longer contemporary that I’m planning to submit to Silhouette for their Special Edition line, and a short Christmas story for Cobblestone’s “Wicked” line. Both are about half finished.


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