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JA Saare Is Back!!

I am jazzed to have JA Saare back with us for another update today. Be sure to leave a comment or question for her below!!! Let’s get started!

JS: First – thanks for having me back, Amber.  It’s great to visit your blog again!

AS: I recently read Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn and found myself drooling and green over her descriptions. Turns out, these gems come to her as early as the first draft as she tries to orient herself in the scene through her characters eyes. What talents have you seen in others writing that you wish were your own?

JS: I’d have to say that I love the way Joey W. Hill delves into the minds of her characters and allows the reader to experience her stories as if they were an actual participant versus a reader.  She, too, is exceptional and writing description and detail, but it’s her ability to tap into the emotions of her characters, and provide you with a glimpse of what’s taking place in their heads, that lures me in.

While there are several talents I wish I had, I actually got some really good advice by the wonderful author Shelley Munro in which she warned me not to measure myself to other authors. I write the way I write, and while I can hone and improve that craft, my voice will probably never change. I think it’s important for people to understand and accept that we all write differently.

AS: One of my guilty pleasures that often keeps me from writing is watching American Idol. My old high school crew will take my cool card away, but I LOVE it. What guilty pleasures do you have?

JS: Reading is my vice.  I’ve always got a book in hand and keep stacks of them from the trusty TBR list on my desk.  It’s hard to stop and can ruin the mood for writing once I start.  It’s not unusual for me to read two or three books per day if provided the time, and what’s worse is the longer I’m allowed to go at it, the less I want to write for myself.

I’m also bad when it comes to movies and particular television shows.  Right now, I’m addicted to Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Archer, and V.  I watch Heroes, but it seems to have lost its fizzle.

AS: We talked last time about how much music influences and enhances your writing experience. My latest favorite writing song is ‘Too Fake’ by Hockey. What are you listening to lately? What song most effected this novel’s creation?

JS: I haven’t heard of that song before, so I’ll definitely check it out.  As for me, I recently purchased Twisted Sister’s old school album, Still Hungry, and have had it on repeat on itunes.  However, that will change once I get my fill and it goes into the bank for a constant random rotation.  I’m always listening to different things, ranging from old 80’s classics to newer artists, to the golden age of rock.

When I was writing Dead, I was on a huge M83 kick.  Their music inspires all kind of feelings — from hope, to happiness, to despair.  I also had the German industrial band, Faustrecht, on loop, and listened to them as well.  Mostly, though, it was a random loop or songs that were in that particular scene (David Bowie’s, Let’s Dance, will always resound in the brain in the opening of Dead, as it’s the song that blasts from the speakers as one of the dancers takes the stage).

AS: My 1st Turning Point Captain, Ann Charles, has Stephen King and Dean Koontz at her dream table, each vying for her attention, her latest book in hand to be signed. Who is at your dream table giddy as a kid at Christmas over meeting you? What do you talk about?

JS: Again, I’d have to go with Joey W. Hill.  She’s just that good.  If we talked, I’d ask about her process.  Is she a pantser who also loosely plots?  Does she have the entire vision before she begins the journey?  Does she outline and begin research before every putting a word to paper?

Every writer has a different process, but I’d love to know how she ticks and how she manages to do as much as she does (I am aware that she enters her writing space and refuses to leave until she’s reached her daily goals).

AS: I find people assume certain things about authors, particularly erotica authorship. What is one of the more interesting but erroneous assumptions you’ve encountered?

FS: That it’s just about “sex”.  To be sure, the term erotic means sexually arousing, but many things can arouse the libido, not necessary sexual intercourse.  A touch, a provocative sentence, or a heated stare can be just as powerful and arousing.

A great example is Joely Sue Burkhart’s short story, Letters (which is available as a free read on her site!).  There is so much impact within the pages, yet there is no sex.  The tension and excitement exists in the possibility of something more. The glances, fleeting caresses, and temptation of tasting the forbidden are a precursor, a promise to the reader that something more awaits just around the bend.

While there are plenty of stories that exist solely to titillate and offer a raw sexual encounter, there are also plenty of erotic authors who provide a deep emotional experience that remains with you longer after the journey has ended.  That’s the stories I want to read, and are the ones that have cemented my unwavering support of the genre.

Authors of erotic fiction should be proud of their work.  The time of hiding romances behind the loaf of bread in the grocery cart is long past.  There is nothing wrong with lowering your inhibitions and allowing yourself the freedom to explore things in a story that you would never dare in your own life.  That’s the beauty of reading and writing – anything is possible.

Thanks again for hosting me on the blog!! It was a pleasure to answer your wonderfully thought out questions!

AS: Thank you, Jaime. I wish you every success and look forward to you next project.

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She’s left behind the flash and sass of Miami for the no-nonsense groove of New York City, eager for a clean slate and a fresh start. A bartender by trade, a loud mouth by choice, and a necromancer by chance; she’s managed to keep her nifty talent hidden from those around her – until now.

The deliciously good-looking vampire Disco knows her secret, and when he strolls into her bar to solicit help investigating the mysterious disappearances of his kind from the city, she discovers he’s not the kind of person that appreciates the significance of the word no.

But in a world where vampires peddle their blood as the latest and greatest drug of choice, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing hits the market. Someone or something is killing vampires to steal their hearts, and unlike Rhiannon, this isn’t their first stroll around the undead block.



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. It’s wonderful to be on the blog again! 😉 Thanks for hosting me Amber!

    So how’s your writing going? I have Jesse’s Girl on my TBR, but it’s RIGHT at the top. It’s sad, but I add probably 3-6 books on it per day, which eclipses the 1-2 I read.


    • amberscottproject

      How do you read so much, girl?! If you do get to Jessie’s Girl, I’d love to hear what you think. It’s been my most well received novel so far. My writing is going great. Polishing and dabbling.
      How about you? What are you working on next? :}

      • Hey Amber 😉

        Truthfully, reading is my obsession. I can’t “not” read something each day. I’ve always been like that, so I don’t even think about it anymore.

        I really, REALLY want to read Jesse’s Girl (and will). When I do, I’ll write up a review on my blog and let you know. It sounds fantastic, and the reviews I’ve read only cement the deal.

        Right now, I’m in the middle of numerous WIP’s, and it’s stressful trying to decide where to start.

        A few people have ridden me to finish The Renfield Syndrome (story that picks up immediately following Dead, which has a wicked “twist” at the end), and I promised my editor at Loose Id (who has my first Desires of the Otherworld book, Eternity and a Day, contracted and under edits) I’d finish up Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon. I also submitted the second story in my Crimson series (Crimson Sunrise, which takes place after Crimson Moon) and it’s in the hands of test readers…so if that goes well and it’s contracted, Crimson Sunset will have to be wrapped up.

        As it stands, though, I’m writing Omega Mine. An new erotic shifter series. I’m calling it my “super-smut”. If it’s accepted anywhere, it will be under the Aline Hunter pen.

        You know how it is! Too many ideas, not enough time to put them to paper!

      • amberscottproject

        Not enough time in a day, right? Thanks so much again for coming by, Jaime! Sounds like you have a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline. I’ll get reading if you get writing! :}

      • You got it!! And thanks again for having me! ;D

  2. I think we have the same addiction..reading books. I try to keep mine organized and as long as I have six rooms I may be okay. Books are my best friends. I liked your article and thanks for sharing it all with us. susan L.

  3. Hey Susan,

    Oh man, I love to read! It’s my favorite obsession. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Great interview, and love the blurb for the book. Good luck!

  5. Hi Kate, thanks so much! Great to see you here. 😉



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