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Fiona Jayde’s Cold Victory!

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to have Fiona Jayde by the Amber Scott Project today. Let’s get the party started!

FJ: Thank you so much! Thrilled to be here!

AS:Your latest novel, Cold Victory, is a space opera/erotic romance. Can you tell us more about this hot genre and what distinguishes in from sci-fi or futuristic?

FJ: That is a terrific question! From my understanding, a space opera – while still sci-fi and futuristic – has to do with life and death situations, both on the personal/individual scale and on the “global” scale. While there is a fair amount of sexual tension and space dog fights in Cold Victory, there are quite a few layers of life and death decisions, culminating to the idea that haunts my heroine through the novel: sacrifice a few to save the many.

AS: How does your fluency in Russian influence your writing? What are the major differences in Russian versus English that enhance or hinder your writing style?

FJ: I don’t know how much my fluency in Russian influences my writing other then the ability to quickly drum up an exotic name for something (planet, character, device) lol.

The main differences in the languages is that Russian has a lot more words – and some words do not exist in the English language. I actually make sure not to read my favorite Russian author – Tatiana Ustinova – when I’m writing, because then I’ll see all these words that would be PERFECT, but I just can’t use. (Unless I’m writing to my sister – we often have to stick a Russian word into a sentence to really express how we feel about something). It’s honestly frustrating sometimes – I have the PERFECT word to use to describe a characters state of being, but if I try to translate it, it will come out incredibly clumsy.

AS: I really enjoyed your book video trailers for Dragon Slayer and Pas De Duex. Who created your videos? How much would you say having a trailer has impacted your sales and visibility?

FJ: Thank you so much! As far as who created the videos – that would be moi. My Senior project in college was a video collage – I’ve always enjoyed doing video editing. I honestly have no idea how much the trailers contributed to sales – I think they definitely contribute to visibility, but no idea how that translates to number. The important part is that I enjoy making them – they are a terrific reason for procrastination!


AS: You write in varying erotica sub-genres. Are there any you are particular to? Are there any your muse hasn’t yet taken you to that you’re interested in trying?

FJ: You know, I honestly don’t think I write erotica – I would classify my writing  as “very steamy”. There are some truly erotic things out there that would singe my eyebrows:) And yes, I do love having sub-genres. There is a saying in Russian that goes something like “Rest is a change of labor” – and that sort of applies to switching genres. I may think Sci-Fi is my favorite – today, but tomorrow it will be Urban Fantasy, and yesterday it was romantic suspense, and when I wrote Dragon Slayer, it was classic fantasy a la Legend of the Seeker. In most if not all of these sub-genres, my own Fiona Jayde genre tends to stay the same – strong female leads, be it strong as in kickass, or strong as in super smart, or just simply strong willed.

As far as where my muse hasn’t taken me – I’d say it would be historical romances. I used to devour them actually – Catherine Coulter, Johanna Lindsay. But as far as writing them, I don’t think my voice/style is quite suited for that genre. My heroines tend to cuss and be fairly abrasive, and if I read that in a historical, it would totally take me out of the story – I wouldn’t want to do that to a reader!

AS: When the writing gods bless you and Cold Victory lands on the big screen, who would you cast as your lead characters and why?

FJ: Actually – (this is a Fiona Jayde secret) – I tend to precast my characters. Commander Galen stark would be John Sena. Yes – the wrestler/movie star. He’s hunky, he is BUILT, he is a badass, and he’s got a mouth on him. (He is a rapper apparently). Nothing I like better then a built guy with a mouth:)

As far as Zoya Scott – call me biased, but I’d say Katie Sackhoff. She’d have to dye her hair red, but I think she would be PERFECT for the role. She’s got the kickass abrasive wounded soldier thing down perfectly – and she is already a kickass pilot lol!

AS: With a background in martial arts, are your fight scenes incredibly fun to write? What tips can you offer on creating a powerful fight scene?

FJ: Oh yeah – fight scenes are my favorite! (And sometimes I get to choreograph them with hubby – which is always fun. The best part is sitting at a restaurant – and my voice is NOT soft – asking hubby ” So if I do a hard palm to the nose, would the guy go down immediately or would I have to follow up with…?” Excellent dinner conversation let me tell you!

I’d say the best thing for a fight scene is to visualize it. Action is really narrowed down sharply to the POVs, so we need to know know the limbs are, what is hit, what hurts, what sings. I always think fight scenes are very similar to sex – same staccato rhythm, same breathless urgency.

Fight scenes also really depend on the characters training and physical make up. A big tall man will usually be slower then a wiry shorter guy. So the big guy will probably try to use his weight and force to hold down/wrestle down the opponent, while the smaller guy will have to use speed and stealth more and hit vulnerable areas to bring down a much larger opponent.

I can talk about fight scenes all day!

AS: Thank you so much for coming by today, Fiona! In addition to your website where can readers find you?

FJ: I can often be found at the Total Exposure yahoo group chatting with fellow authors Beth Kery, Lacey Savage and Juliana Stone and our Total Ex regulars.

Thanks so much for having me – terrific interview!!

AS: My pleasure. Readers, please be sure to leave a comment or question.

Cold Victory Buy Link

Intergalactic warfare has not been kind to humans. Convicted pilot Zoya Scott has the chance to avenge her family, redeem an act of desperation with that of sacrifice. She’ll end this war if she betrays the man whose touch burns through her soul, the man whose ship and crew she must destroy. The man who is her bloodmate.
Commander Galen Stark never expected the convicted pilot on his ship to be anything more then a good looking inconvenience. A small brush of their hands grips him with vicious lust, a need he can’t control. She is his bloodmate – a biological reaction burning through his veins.
Except she carries an explosive. And Stark may have to give the order to destroy them all.



About Amber Scott Project

Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. john sena, huh? ok. I’m in. he’s a hottie. Good choice!

  2. Hey Amber and Fiona~

    I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, loved Dragon Slayer (and the trailer is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I actually blogged about it a few months ago).

    Cold Victory sounds fab and is at the top of the TBR list. Wishing you many, many sells, Fiona. All my best.

    And I’ll see you soon, Amber! 😉


    • amberscottproject

      I agree with you, Jaime. I wonder, Fiona, have you ever considered submitting some of your videos for review? At a book trailer is reviewed every Sunday, if you’re ever interested.

      • Thanks so much for having me Amber !!!
        I’ve never really thought about submitting the trailers for review, but I’ll definitely look into it – thanks for the link!

    • Hi Jaime – thank you so much! Dragon Slayer was actually the first book trailer I’ve ever done and I loved the process. (I also drove myself nuts during the process, but the result was worth it).

  3. Fiona,

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog tour. You are a very interesting author.

  4. I love the cover!! The story itself sounds …steamy hehe 😉

  5. Fiona, your website and trailers are fabulous – not only are you a talented writer, but a talented graphic artist as well. 🙂

  6. Hi Fiona,
    I really enjoyed the interview. And the cover and video are terrific!


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