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Interview: Victoria Blisse

Hi Victoria! Thank you for coming by today. Let’s dive right in:

AS: How was the idea for Getting Intimate born?

VB: Getting Intimate is the sequel to Getting Physical where John and Terri meet at a gym and fall in love despite their own self confidence issues. Terri feels she’s too fat and John reckons he is just too skinny. When I finished Getting Physical I knew I wanted to write more about those characters, they had more to tell. I just took almost 3 years to get round to doing it!

AS: If it were up to you, what actors would play your characters on the big screen and why?

VB: Oooh, this is a difficult one. Especially as Terri is a proper, curvy woman and you don’t see so many curvy actresses. I think Caroline Quentin  would be good for her, she’s curvy and can definitely pull off Terri’s humour and spunkiness.

As for John, wow.  I am thinking David Schwimmer has the perfect face but he might have to lose weight to play the role!

AS: Getting Intimate isn’t the first novel a woman with curves appears in your fiction. Why is this real woman characterization is important for you as an author?

    VB: I am a real woman myself, with curves and a fragile self-image and I wanted to read about characters like me. I was sick of reading about perfect women ending up with perfect men. I wanted to show that all kinds of body shapes are sexy to all kinds of people. I’m particularly fond of writing about curvy women as I think often the fat chick is just there in books as the butt of the joke.  I wanted to show off how sexy Rubenesque ladies are.

    AS: What do you love most about your experience with Phaze books?

    VB: Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I get to work with an awesome editor  (Will Belegon) and a fantastic cover artist (Alessia Brio) who are also great friends of mine.

    AS: On your MySpace page, you list your father as your hero. Can you offer us an example of his heroism?

    VB: My Dad, bless his heart, is a doer. He always, always does what is needed to do no matter how menial or hard work the task may be. He never complains about it either, he is one of the kindest men I know and I love him dearly.

    AS: Considering new publishing opportunities like Amazon Kindle, and, how do you envision the future of publishing?

    VB: The eBook is getting big and will only get bigger. It makes sense to have one teeny-tiny little electronic book that can carry around loads of titles instead of having to buy a physical book for everything you want. I don’t think print books will ever go out of fashion but I can see people’s book shelves being filled with just their very favourites and people trying things out in eBook or even audiobook before purchasing the actual physical book for their collection.

    AS: It has been a pleasure having you today, Victoria. Readers, please leave any comments or questions here plus follow Victoria for your chance to WIN!

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    About Amber Scott Project

    Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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    1. Sounds like an interesting read, thanks! I like curvy heroines, too. 🙂

    2. Victoria, congrats to you and your curvy women! I love stories that are a bit out of the box–and your women sure aren’t boxy. 🙂

      Good job on the interview, Victoria.

    3. This sounds like a interesting book with characters having self esteem issues. Thanks for the interview.

    4. I’m with you, Victoria. I love reading about women of all shapes and sizes, and spunk is a definite must. Sounds like you have a winner! Ooooh . . . and chocolate fondue? Yum! Another winner! 🙂

    5. Victoria, your book sounds fun. What has been your most successful (as far as you can tell) promotion tool or act? Is it doing blog tours or something else? I’m debating putting out an e-book this fall and am very interested in finding out where to put my energy.

      Ann Charles

    6. Ann -at this point I can only tell you about traffic to my site and doing the blog tour has definitely seen that go up. I won’t know how it’s affected sales for a while yet though I suspect they will be up. My name has certainly gotten out to lots of new folks, though.

      Wendy -Yep, a bit of spunk is definitely necessary in a story.

      Vicky- Thank you. It’s interesting to explore how their esteem issues affect their relationship.

      Jacquie -no my girls are too curvy to ever be mistaken for boxes! *LOL* Thank you!

      Chassily -Thank you!

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