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Chocolate Fondue & Blisse

I look forward to having Getting Intimate author Victoria Blisse by in an interview tomorrow! To tide us over, here’s a taste:

AS: I noticed cooking is one of your pleasures. I’m not much of a cook myself but pizza is one of the five meals I don’t screw up. Any tips I can impress my husband with?

VB: Hello, and thank you for having me. I have a perfect little dessert that is so simple and elegant, it even sounds impressive. Chocolate fondue. All you have to do is put 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate (your favourite, dark, milk or white, it’s up to you) into a heatproof bowl.  Pour some boiling water into a small pan then rest your bowl of chocolate over the water (make sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl) and leave it to melt (will take about 5 minutes) you can stir it towards the end to get rid of any lumps.

Now all you need is some chunks of fruit like banana and apple and strawberries and maybe some marshmallows to dip into the chocolate. Easy, yum and light.

And one little tip, never be afraid to take control of a recipe, even if it says you must cook for thirty minutes, you judge if it needs longer, all ovens cook differently. If you don’t want to add an ingredient, then don’t add it.  If you want to put something else in, then do it. Follow your instinct and don’t be tied down to a recipe.

AS: Thanks so much, Victoria! ‘See’ you tomorrow.

:}Amber Scott (…mmmm…chocolate….)



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