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Following The Breadcrumbs…

Hindsight is 20/20, right? In retrospect, we connect the dots in our path that got us to here. But, if you stop and pay attention, and have a specific destination in mind, you can see the dots as they arrive rather than only in your rearview mirror. Here are a couple of my trails:


I find I keep naming my books future movie titles and themes. Wanted; The Last Templar with a crystal skull pre Indiana Jones element; Lie to Me; even Play Fling had the show Cupid come out soon after. Hey, maybe it’s a sign. So, I take a screenwriting class. One of the recommended reads is Save the Cat! I get the list the same day I finished reading an article Blake Snyder wrote for RWR, the RWA monthly magazine. I buy it, read it, LOVE it.  As I’m typing an email to Blake Snyder to thank him for his series. Sadly, I discover he passed away this past August but also find his amazing blog. I frequent his blog, enter a contest, win an honorable mention and the prize is his next book. In the jacket cover is a book called Stealing Fire from the Gods. This book is also a recommended read in the book A Whole New Mind. (I love brain books.) So, I’ll read it next. And the trail goes on and on.


Two weeks ago, shopping in Target, I see that James Patterson has a Nintendo DS game based on his books and think, “HOW COOL!” And, “I want to do that.” Of course, I have no idea how and have vague memories of choose your own adventure books in elementary school where I often chose poorly and ended up in quicksand. I recommended the game to a Patterson fan I know. My son is a huge fan of Nancy Drew PC games and I love playing them with him. I imagine it’s an adult version. Next, yesterday, I was reminded of the Patterson game after being sent a link to a NY Times article on Patterson. Then, today, as I looked up the submission guidelines for Carina Press for Play Fling, I saw that they have a submission call for interactive books! So, I’m gonna try and write one.

Whether it’s a career goal or a friend you miss, my advice is, choose what you want, decide you really do want it, then pay attention and follow the breadcrumbs. They are there when you look for them.

:}Amber Scott (…books and bread–interesting…)



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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