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5 Excuses To Wear A Tiara

My babygirl LOVES princesses. She is my girlie girl and has no qualms whatsoever about wearing two tiaras, socks with her high heels, or three princess dresses, all at once, to the grocery store.

Yes. I completely envy her.

So, I’ve found 5 excellent excuses to wear my own tiara:

1. Because it’s tea time and my wedding dress still fits.

2. Because doing the dishes is awful except when I feel a bit superior over the sponge.

3. For the neighbors who stare from their backyard up to my window and cannot see the two year old I’m dancing with.

4. To remind my husband I am a delicate creature who does not fart (in front of him.)

5. Because a dream is a wish your heart makes, damn it!

What’s your excuse?

:}Amber Scott (books, screenplays, dishes…)



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  1. When my husband and I were moving 1,800 miles from Illinois to Arizona and packing up everything we owned, I found my childhood tiara in an old, long-forgotten box. Thrilled with the discovery, I then followed my husband in my car across the country, personally transporting some of our most valuable treasures not fit for moving-van travel: our dog, photo albums, Grandma’s Waterford and my old, boxed tiara. When we arrived at our new abode and relaxed in the backyard pool for the first time, I floated atop an inflatable ring, tirara atop my unroyal wet head. My excuse: because I could (and because it made for a funny picture to send back home to the family). I only wore it outside (as an adult) the one time, and it was fun(ny). Two years later, I’d give birth to my own girly-girl, who would eventually teach me the joys of tiara-wearing on a whole new level: “Tiaras make everything better…at least to me,” my now-5-year-old innocently reports. She means it — and I’ve got HER pictures to prove it…on a plane, collecting shells at the beach, first day of preschool, visiting the Easter Bunny…the list continues. [Pause.] Maybe I’ll dust off my old tiara today…just because I’ve got some laundry to do.

  2. The sponge comment has inspired me to wear mine the next time I have to call the insurance company to debate medical fees.


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