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My Latest Screenplay Idea…Rocks!

Feel free to leave your honest opinion!

I’m reading the latest Blake Snyder book, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, my winnings from the “Save the Cat! Last Logline of 2009!” honorable mention. And I got a flash of inspiration!

Here’s my rough pitch:

Soul Survivor: A loner teen can see dead people, but can he save them, too? Griffin Templeton faces the remainder of his senior year in a new town with a broken past in tow. When he manages to make a friend, no wonder it’s with a dead guy. If Griffin can’t come to terms with his gifts, he’ll join the clan of lost souls attached to a demonic presence.

Think Lost Boys meets Boys Don’t Cry meets Sixth Sense.

I’m halfway through my 40 beats already!

SWEET! No stealing!

:}Amber Scott (index cards are my screenwriting friends)



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  1. Nice! And 40 beats already is pretty impressive! 🙂

  2. I am excited! It sounds super cool!! And since you asked here are my two cents:

    1) I like the name Griffin but Griffin Tempelton seems like too much…sorta Harry Potter. But…do you even hear a last name in the movies really? not sure it matters much…except maybe his last name could be something fun that transfers to a “cool” nickname his friends call him (and maybe also ties into his gift/curse??)

    2) I feel like these things always happen in movies/books when someone moves to a new town…why not the town he grew up in where everyone knows him and that is a part of him “falling apart”. People know him so well, that they don’t see what’s in front of their eyes… Making him feel lonelier than ever.

    How ever it turns out I know it will be AWESOME!

    • amberscottproject

      I love your two cents and I totally agree. Especially about being formerly a normal teen who fit in among peers to an outsider in the only world he knew. His nickname will be Griff. I’m not sure how important a last name is in scripts, though, either. But if it makes him stand out from the start, hopefully, all the better.


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