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10 Things I’m An Expert At

They say, if you want to build a blog audience, become an expert!

An expert? Uh-oh. Here’s the part where I tug at my collar and gulp, Scooby style. What the heck am I an expert at?

1. Burning dinner. Just ask my husband about my stellar culinary skills. I don’t cook. I microwave.

2. Condescending eyebrow arch. My sister’s calls it my “you’re an idiot” look. Sometimes, in an argument, it’s all I got.

3. Sweet Potato Pie. I cannot cook but I can bake. I have a mouthwatering recipe from a Southern cooking cookbook my mom got me. It also has a recipe for fried squirrel. Yikes.

4. Bargain hunting. 90% off rocks!

5. Thoughtful gestures. One of my favorite things in life is trying to make friends and family feel loved through personal, thoughtful gestures. 

6. Do It Yourself stuff. From Solar Screens to Halloween costumes, I can do it. (As long as I don’t have to cook it.)

7. Laughing at myself. With the many, many genius things that come out of my mouth (Woo, woo! Noodles!), with a family with a twisted sense of humor, I learned this early in life.

8. Packing for a trip. I can fit two weeks worth for three people into one carry-on bag.

9. Painting toenails. I never miss a sliver along the cuticle. 

10. Listening. If you’ve got a problem, I can’t solve it. But I know how to be a really good listener and sometimes that’s all we need.

I have no idea how any of these will help me build a blog audience but maybe they’ll at least give you a chuckle.

What are YOU an expert at?

:}Amber Scott (hoping to one day be an expert author, with many books to her name.)



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Amber Scott writes romance across time and genre with three things in common: fate, love and complications. You can find her erotica titles at

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  1. Why are you shopping for rocks?

    —dry humor expert


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